Trout Magnet Lure Fishing – Setup, Catches, and How to

Trouts magnets are one of the best trout lures out there along with inline spinners. The setup I use for trout magnets is 4lb test line, small bobber or indicator, and a variable retrieve (some days a very slow retrieve around 1 minute and other a faster retrieve in about 20 seconds.
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-pip- says:

lol most if not all those trout you pulled out are now dead. Learn to handle fish man.

Mark R says:

great video and thnx for sharing ur large experience!!
Ive just sent u a pm 🙂

Nicholas Royster says:

Hey man I love your videos! I’ve seen almost all of them and I was wondering if you could subscribe back? I subscribed! Thanks!

NV fishing 13 says:

Learn how to handle fish

Jerry Hogkiller says:

great video and tips will try this soon..

Fish Hawk says:

Good informative video. I love using Trout Magnets, especially weightless in creeks and streams.

Allison Stednitz says:

You don’t lip trout

Seffy Anon says:

Can we go fishing together? I live in Missouri 🙂

Octavio Fuentes says:

thanks for the tips my frien enjoyed your vid

FirstStateFishing says:

Just found your channel. Awesome vid man, definitely subbin to support a fellow yt fisherman! Nice fish btw

jamani1086 says:

enjoy your vids, thanks. you ever do any fly fishing?

shawn eldridge says:

When I first heard about the trout magnets I was like oh no here we go another fishing lure that’s not going to work or we’re going to spend our money on it for nothing. But when I first tried the trout magnet out of curiosity. oh my goodness I cannot believe it like seriously 12 trout in 15 seconds wow. I cannot believe that at all. I could have never imagined these little trout magnets were that fantastic. Ever since then I’ve been using the trout magnets Non-Stop. Every time they came out with the new color for the trout magnet I pretty much used. And now I’m like a kid at a candy store. I will say this much for these little trout magnets I’ve had caught 97%more and bigger trout with these trout magnets I cannot believe how much wonders they work for trout. Not only that but these little tiny trout magnets actually work for other fish as well. I cannot believe how Fantastic Beasts trout magnets. I love in the I enjoy using trout magnets a lot. Then after I start using them more often I nevered misjudge the trout magnet again while I was surprised how fantastic they really work. Now it’s 2017 and that is pretty much all that’s in my fishing backpack. Nothing but trout magnets+I also use the pan fish magnets as well. Between the trout magnets and the pan fish magnets I do catch 97% more and bigger fish than anything. So that saying said I just want to thank you one hundred percent from the bottom of my heart for making one of the greatest trout and panfish lures ever that’s on the market today. Not only that but I’m sorry that I ever doubted then and now you can say I am a trout magnet and a panfish magnet Junkie(( laughing out loud )) but once again thank you very much for creating the greatest jigs or lures for trout and panfish that’s on the market today. Truly I do love them and I also enjoy using them as well.

wnyfishergirl says:

Nice video!!!!

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