Slip Bobber Setup 101

How to set up basic slip bobber rigs. This technique allows you to fish much deeper than a traditional clip on bobber, while keeping your bait suspended in the strike zone above any obstructions. They’re an effective way to target many species of freshwater game fish.

I like to run my slip bobbers with larger minnows, or leeches. Set the stop so the bait is suspended a few feet off bottom. They’re especially good in spring and fall for walleyes.




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Alfie Crook says:

you guys need to do a closeup us beginners don’t understand what you’re doing were the one’s who watch your videos.

Mark Anthony says:

use bullet weight instead of the ones you are using. I’m curious why you use a 6lbs leader after having an 8 lb test??? I thought you always want the leader to be stronger, more durable??

Super Starman says:

I have a bobber with no holes at the tip or the bottom. What should I do?

Trouta Holic says:

what knot was tied to the swivel??

3triplexxx says:

Are those type of bobber stops adjustable?

Bill Clinzel says:

What are you putting on the jig head for Walleye?

eni S says:

it won’t be very responsive in a bite!

Coleman Damon says:

Very helpful. Thanks!

StormLaker1975 says:

Heading to Boundary Waters in September….I’m an old pro at slip bobber fishing, but I’ve never considered using a swivel in my rigging. I will have to try that out. Here at home, I fish for walleyes in a shallow lake- deepest spot is MAYBE 15 feet deep. Up in Boundary Waters on my favorite lake- it’s not uncommon to find spots that are over 100′ deep, but most of the structure I fish is in less than 30 feet of water.

wayne castor says:

I found these tiny beads at the craft store, like 300 of them for 99cents. I use them to make tails for flies. Most are greenish color. Out of necessity one day I found that I can loop my line back through them and they slide like a bopper stop. So tiny that they go through the guides and on the spool no problem. I use 6 lb test most of the time and use slip rigs for perch and gills and bass. I know you will be losing a lb of test because of the loop back but I never had a problem yet.

Cody Black says:

Bobber stoppers stop me from casting. my string gets caught on the stopper in the reel. any tips?

John Giff says:

Absolutely, fantastic video, short to the point, and presented at an understandable pace.You are a natural fishing professor. Thankyou so much.

Team-Extreme Michigan says:

got my frist steal head that way can’t wait to try this on salmon

Paul Lieb says:

The Consummate Fisherman would slip rig a BulletBobber so he can steer it where he wants and fish at the depth he wants.

Salmax Kayak says:

If the bead prevents the bobber stop from sliding through the bobber, then shouldn’t the bobber stop be called a bead stop…?? Huh?! Just sayin….lol nice vid!

Salmax Kayak says:

Sorry couldn’t resist. Not my best material, but I’m just sayin’ the bobber stop is like the Scotty Pippen of the bobber fishing world; doing almost nothing and getting all the glory! OK…I’m done , lol

Alfie Crook says:

do closeup

Phillip Newton says:

buy the rubber piece to slide on instead of the string knot junk..thats old school and doesn’t work good

Venomous villain says:

My favorite way to fish…

The Mamba says:

Do not spend $3 for a pack of these crappy slip stops. They get hung up in the eyes of the pole and do not stay in place. I have to keep adjusting it every single cast. And I tied it tight too. Just go with the red plastic ones.

The Consummate Sportsman says:

I have not. $30?! Ouch. That’s a tough pill to swallow!

Aaron Stonecash says:

what is the purpose of tying on the swivel and a leader …why not just tie your hook on at that point.

Nate G01 says:

The nylon bobber stops are trash. They move up and down your line too easily and wear out too fast. They make a new kind of plastic bobber stop that you can reuse and they never wear out or slide up and down your line. I can’t remember the name of them or the company, but they’re red and they come in a plastic tube. They last forever and they work much better than nylon stops. Worth checking out.

Alfie Crook says:

do closeup

Peter Do says:

Hi the consummate sportman.My name is:john do,slip bobber setup snell tight it down.It is very stupid not up,

The Factualist says:

thanks for the demo tutorial

Jason Frantz says:

I’ve found the string stops DO last the longest. you just have to trim half the string off to keep it off guides and spit on it before giving it one last tug to lock it down. I’ve keep some stops on for a dozen or more trips

Milton Williams says:

Do u have to have stops on both sides couldn’t u just put the bobble on instead

Alfie Crook says:

you guys need to do a closeup us beginners don’t understand what you’re doing were the one’s who watch your videos.

Queen Day says:

Video of fish biting on slip bobber how it works

Bill Clinzel says:

Why do you need those weights under the bobber?

alskozx says:

What type of knot do you use for fluorocarbon leaders? 

King Tragedy says:

Try the rubber ones from bass pro

Leroy Ripper Roy Davila says:


Ray Finkle says:

Very informative video. Thanks for posting this!

Jack Osterweil says:

So do you have mono / fluorocarbon on your spool?

Cody Black says:

Bobber stoppers stop me from casting. my string gets caught on the stopper in the reel. any tips?

Ben F says:

i actually lied to you it is 39.99 lol not much better though

Peter Do says:

the consummate sportman.

Brian Urias says:

With a wire leader would this method work on pike?

awalt26439 says:

re bead stop: rather than buying a commercial bead-stop take a piece fire line or other braid line , wrap it about 3 times around your line at the desired location and then tie a couple of granny knot into the fire line. This little knot around your fishing line is usually reasonably tight enough to stop your bead but can be moved along the fishing line fairly easily..

Connor Medvecz says:

What lb test is your leader

Anna Pennrose says:

Nice Stormy Kromer…

Dave Stanley says:

Thank you!  Bought several packages of these things but hadn’t taken the time to figure out how to use them when crappie fishing.  This helped so much!

NoExitLoveNow says:

My problem is that after a couple/few casts the bobber stop moves and becomes unusable. I need to cut it off and retie. This keeps my hook out of the water more than I would like. Does anyone have any suggestions? I use the pre-made Thill stops  and really tie the knot tight.

E Johnson says:

what pound test is to be tied to the hook you did not say

David Deniker says:

the bobbers that you are using in this video, are you using the same style for steelhead? or is this walleye specific?

Hany Amara says:

What is the size of slip bobber you use in the video? I want to order the same size?

coloradoswag27 says:

What if im trying to reach the bottom wont the knot stop at the reel

Peter Do says:

your video slip bobber setup 101.Snell tight it down not up

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