Sinkers and Bobbers from the Land

Want to make sinkers in the field for fishing? Want to make a bobber or float to fish the top of the water? This is how you do it! Doesn’t get much easier than this!

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TBOR-101 says:

I think its limestone that gives the water that surface look,,, if you saw the fish swimming by at the end…you can see the water is relatively clear…..I’ve seen this at old gravel pits many times before.

James Whitman says:

I like to carry dental floss. It’s cheap, strong, and the wax makes it great for use as a bow string.

common weakness says:

I just found your vids and i love them. great work and very practical. i understand peoples desire to “minimize” their kit, but the time and hassle saved by carrying a few hooks, line, weights and maybe floats pays off in the end. if people are worried about the size then just take a minute to search youtube. you will find tons of very small and inventive ways to carry a simple fishing kit. true, the skills to make your own kit off the land is great, but i think a few ounces in a pill bottle or small Altoids tin is worth all the time saved. thanks

Robert31352 says:

I really enjoy your channel. I have not responded too much, if any to your videos, that I can remember. I do think that many questions people ask is an indicator whether that person would ever step outside of their parents basement or not. To me, this is one of them. A small amount of fishing line weighs less than hooks. Anyone who would not carry fishing line with a small amount of hooks is not anyone who is going to be leaving the basement; however, knowledge is power. Thanks for the information.

Bushcraft Prepper says:

Thanks Dan once again – simple , easy and genious! ATB.

Charlie Altvater says:

I’ve used #12 bank line for fishing and found that the weight of the line by itself is usually enough to cast and sink the hook. Unless you’re fishing to finicky trout, most fish aren’t leader-shy, so the ticker diameter of #12 bank line usually isn’t a problem for me. But, carrying fishing line is just easier.

Randman64 says:

Townsends and other 18th century vendors sell coarse fishing kits that are very compact. Great video. I love your videos. You are a stud.

Linkless Tennessee says:

Good video Dan

Randolph Ciurlino says:

You got great common sense
Seems to be becoming a rare thing these days.
It will take you far.
Off topic –
The pond water is it always that color?
Why is it that color? Minerals? Biologicals?
Is it drinkable after normal processing?
Just curious in case I ever run into something like that. Don’t mean to make extra work. Thanks

trey Wintyr says:

Never go out without the trusty old no72

tommy batts says:

Back to the front!

Thrifty Survivor says:

Great information on the sinker. Another method I’ve found for a sinker would be to find a rock that’s narrower in the middle than on either end. That eliminates the need for crossing the line over. Not that that’s a real problem, but this way there are more options available for creating a sinker.

Thanks again for another informative video.

Brian Ferris says:

I do have the homemade wooden floats I also used the foam of old bright pool noodles which I cut up and turned in to fishing floats. I discovered that fish who only know the shape of store purchased bobbers sometimes get fooled by stick bobbers 🙂 Have a great Spring and Summer ahead be good to yourself 🙂

Dustin Besser says:

in an extreme survival situation where you don’t have any hooks even, what would be the last resort as far as fishing goes?

Jack Nizance says:

Hey man, found your channel from the Townsends channel, great content you have


Unfortunately, in most places, one can find trash that will provide everything that one needs to create floats. Good video Dan.

hani karam says:

Dan sir a question please : a person lost in the forest it is cold he has a Ferro rod but lost his knife and striker would he be able to create sparks with the rod using a rock ? and if you are kind and not too much to ask could you please demonstrate with what type of stone or any rock ?

WILD Ti-Woodvivor says:

Congratulations, very interesting videos. Greetings from Switzerland … if you want, go for a ride on my channel 😉 Greetings

5 stroke wander scotland says:

Awesome video l know about fishing over 60 year been taught by my father and his family its different style of fishing

anthony livesay says:

Some fishing line, a stick, a paper clip, a nail and a piece of dry wood. A little grub searching in some dead wood and I’m fishing.

James Hockett says:

The vids are great and 72 bank lines the bomb.

Brent Weigelt says:

I saw a fish swim by in your closing (on your left) seriously!!! Is that color of the water because of being spring fed, snow melt, or combo??? Great Video!!!

crazycrossno76 says:

Awesome video and love the water color.

Fatman in the Forest says:

I also like to run the line under the perpendicular line on the rock. Tends to keep it all in place.

Frankie Bleddyn says:

I have used everything from corks to lug nuts in fishing. But I was not trying to survive, I was just podunk and really wanted to fish.

Bushcraft Survival says:

Hey man could you do a video of a typical load out for some of the newer guys like me getting into the bushcraft world and how to pack, like a day hike and an overnight bag

josh greg says:

What about Hooks let’s say I find myself lost in the middle of the woods and found a lake how would I make hooks would I use a flexible wood like thorns or do you have to rely on spears and gigs.


My new youtube name will be

BushCraftBums says:

Great stuff Brother . Nice simple and concise! Thanks for all you do!

OzarkWanderer says:

Good info. But i agree its easy to just carry a couple bobbers and weights. However its good to know how to replace these iteams if somthing were to happen to it

eluv says:

Great job on the Townsends series! Good stuff.

cillaloves2fish says:

Funny u went over this… when I was a kid me n my brothers n sister would walk to the park to go fishing n on the way we looked for anything we could use for weights… rocks like u mentioned, pieces of metal like screws or bolts maybe wire… whatever u could tie on ur line! Didn’t use bobbers tho, we fished on the bottom n usually caught catfish! They were yummy!!

Joseph Haddakin says:

Cool video. Get that bobber so it barely stays above water whilst suspending the rock. Even better if you fasten the piece of wood vertically. The fish won’t feel as much resistance when pulling on the bobber.

Michael Rogers says:

May I add one thing. I went to the Naval Survival School in Rangely Maine a couple times, 35 years ago. We used the inner cords from para cord cut from a parachute. Small cords worked great. Seems like no one uses gores from a parachute anymore to build shelters. Wonder why. They are light weight and work great. Any way, great video and as always I will keep watching..

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