Just a fun day out in the rain catching lots of chrome – enjoy!

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Centerpin setup: Raven Helix 12’9″ x Okuma Raw II

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Cisco PNW says:

Hey I’m very new to steelhead fishing. I was wondering if you could share some of your locations? I would love to hook my first steelie! Thanks and fish on!

Ryan Peck says:

Have you heard of euro nymphing

David Vasilevski says:

Easily one of the best fishing youtube channels.

James Williams says:

Ok first it’s called float fishing those steel heads we’re ok the larger ones were average but not by all means big and the water is slow that’s how ur able to land most of them if u want to try real steel head fishing u need to go to up state NY to PlaskI and take a shot at trying to catch a steel head it might not go as easy as ur latest video

Patrick Ang says:


Jason Hauser says:

Yes!!! I love fishing in the rain!! It keeps the pu$$!3s away!

Fishingman says:

Now… Imagine catching a 20lbs steelhead

Kinger68 says:

The guy talking about them being stacked like chord wood must be an Al Lindner fan haha! Great video!

Pwrcritter says:

Clickbait what was the secret bait? Lol.

Jake Heap says:

Have you had any success with yarn beads? What is your consideration with floating a yarn bead under a skein?

C4 Cake says:

Was this from this past Saturday? Looks like the same river I was on.

Peng Du says:

2:59 crazy jump! Great catch!

Isaac Westenfelder says:

Are you and the ginger kid brothers?

Fishing 4real says:

How do you set up your float and bead

vAspects — says:

@FishFray , Wanna fish for steelhead in Michigan??? We got the spots I dm you on insta @michigan_jigger make sure to get back with me on a full price charter for free!!

Phylykx hoang says:

Get a new pin islander or kingpin

Josh Morrison says:

Timber savages, awesome video man. You’re in Eastern Ohio right?

The fishin' guy says:

Est. The Aruba videos a loyal fan keep up and KFNS

rickiex says:

did you seriously just drove all the way back to ohio just to catch some steelie? lol worth it from the video

oh and you’re going to the school i used to go lol

Brandon Damman says:

Another great video

Frederick Duncan says:

Hey man, really cool that you are working with TFO! But seriously, the moon landing was not fake. I thought your satellite photos of the supposed “landing site” on area 51 was not very convincing. Also, ranting to the camera about “fake science” and how we should “hate the Feds” was probably not the way to go about it. Other than that fiasco, nice bobber downs!

Oregon Adventures says:

Great vids loving the bobber downs

Anthony Prado says:

How about a video showing how you cast your centerpin? I just got one and I’m struggling lol

Fish Fray says:

Just three kids having fun in the rain.. do I have to warn anyone not to take us too seriously? Enjoy the vid!

Young Scum says:

More like Chrome-osome Downs am I right?

Evan Woyke says:

6:55 fray turns goth

Nathaniel Snyder says:

these are all legit taker fish. your videos of all the salmon you think “ate” were all roped.

Kelly king says:

Epic bober downs

Machine Gun says:

man, you must get tones of pussy at College. Only if youtube existed during my school days when steelhead fishing LOL

bballplaya5 says:

how deep do you typically set your bobber at? or adjust per hole?

Western New York Angler says:

great job man we all love watching that float drop and theres not a lot of good videos on it

Mario Becerra says:

Dope video cant wait for the next one. Beach gang lol

Greg Palenschat says:

I like your videos but I am wondering if you ever keep any of those?

Connor Woodward says:

Amazing how I am currently at the same holes a week later after obnoxious amounts of rain and near prime looking flows yet it fishes like shit -0/ what can you do abt it tho

Z Wiggles says:

@2:52 is that supposed to be Alex Jones?

You guys looked like you were having a blast. Your last few videos have been great! Keep it up

Hung Luc says:

Great and fun video

Don Fraser says:

MAGNETS Catch Steelhead better than anything else !!!!

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