No more Snags with this Float Fishing Rig!

Whether you are pier fishing, inlet/jetty fishing, bridge fishing or river fishing, the float fishing rig works its magic by keeping your bait above snags, while staying in the strike zone of fish. This fishing rig is used by anglers all over the world, it works for many kinds of fishing. You need to be able to set this up correctly if you want to really start catching fish. We find the key element to focus on is the depth you are fishing it. You need to make sure it is set your bobber stopper correctly. Too much line and your sinker will be on the bottom, too little line and your hooks are not in the strike zone of the fish. We teach exactly how to set this rig up in our brand new ADVENTURE GUIDE! Check it out if you are up for an adventure with Senkoskipper and want to learn the fine details on how to use a float rig!

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List of Gear I Use…


yon yono says:

Misterr..kalo di negaraku ikannya itu tidak di lepaskan lagi ..tapi di bawa pulang terus di goreng.. di makan sama sambal terasi..

OutWhere TV says:

Probably a great setup to use for fish that don’t head straight to the rocks after grabbing the bait.

ma ya says:

hello, from Japan.
bobber rig, it’s so nice!
I also enjoy the fishing with a bobber. and I recommend you to try our style of float rig fishing.
ISO fishing, it’s more sensitive and minionette, but more exiting.
Thank you for your video!

Fineas Vasilca says:

Try with some worms as a bait!

Mel Makavali says:

Has the fish interrupted your love making behind that bush…dogging and fishing FANTASTIC

Riyan RZ says:

Masokk pak ekooo

Trout Lord says:

Only the oldest type of float rig know to man


Nothing new man wtf..

Filiberto Barrera says:

You left out the best fish of all,The mighty hard head catfish

Whatacoolguy says:

Do you know Iso tsuri ? its similar rig but more advanced with the gears by japanese. Also I fish saltwater, are you sure the bubble is a sign of eggs? I thought it was just water and surface pressure that form the bubble.

emmanleoann1 says:

This one cracks me up 4:16 LOL. What was that all about…

Mikong Chai says:

Very beneficial. Thank you !

çetin Öz says:

Harikasın dostum rastgelsin 😉

marvar gare says:

sooo…its just a basic surface floating rig, or you wanna tell me you adjust the float stopper to 20m deep?



15uzu says:

Stumbled across your Alvey video and watched a few others with interest (I’m from Australia).

Now I’ve seen a Sheepshead and know like float fishing around structure I’d love to pass on to you a float rig to try out, as it is one I use almost exclusively to target our local Yellowfin Bream (Acanthopagrus Australis) which at first glance appears to be a very similar fish to your Sheepshead (Archosargus Probatocephalus). Both are in the Sparidae family. Both appear to share a similar diet of bivalves and crustaceans. And, from what I’ve read, Sheepshead sound like they are a timid biter like our Bream are (they will hold the bait in their lips momentarily before swallowing).

I’ve grabbed your email address – will draw up the rig and send it to you try out. And best of all – you will need to make use of your Alvey for optimal results! 😀

Wowie Destura says:

What kind of fishing float are you using? I can’t seem to find one like that.

Jake Russell says:

Hey Brendan! I fish down in Fort Lauderdale (south Florida) where I strictly fish the surf, piers and docks. What size hooks do you recommend on a hi lo to target snapper and jacks?

AvoidaSnag says:

Really love your vid’s guys, AvoidaSnags would work with bottom snagging

Bebas Fishing says:

thanks. the fishing tutorial is really cool. extraordinary

ogan 86 says:


Tukang Upload says:

Asu.. kakehen omong

redcon1gear says:

Good video thanks

Алексей Гладышев says:

хреннь гонишь

Nico Henriksen Juelsminde Skole says:

This is just a standard setup for Tremarella fishing

mualim channel says:

I am from Indonesia. help my subscribe channel. fishing content

BBBYpsi says:

Your high low rig is nothing more then a perch rig or crappie rig. We on the great lakes have been using that for decades. The float rig is called a slip bobber.

一葉知秋 says:


Mario Uribe says:

Where can I find a float like yours? Is there a site? I’ve looked locally and no luck.

joserP2009 says:

Hello, I live in Jacksonville. I figured the spot you are fishing from in this video. I tried to fish it but was discouraged by a private property sign. Sigh. Did you ask anyone to fish there?

Anthony Rubeo says:

Soooo basic

Libor Melichar says:

hello, what do you have for a rod?

Junior Ferreira says:

Não entendi nada kkkkkk

Siegy TV says:

Hi can you make please a review about 3 dollar fishing reel. Thank you

Brian Walker says:

This rig work for catfishing in Rivers?

BUZAR OH says:

Youhave the dumbest face reactions ever

Robby Bully says:

I am catch fish only FOR Eat Not FOR Play!!
But, Thank YOU Very MUCH!!!
Greetings from Germany

Jeff Clifford says:

Hey there! Glad to see you in town! If you are going to be in Jax for a bit I’d take you to lunch at a good seafood place near NAS Jax if you were interested

ReelGuyTv says:

That float rig is my go to rig for Trout. With live Finger Mullet or monster pinfish, you’re going to catch big Trouts. The Red Fish and Sheepshead in the Appalachee Bay are lazy. Not interested if they have to chase their food because it’s oyster country. Blue Crab dead on the bottom gets them though. Big ones. Thanks for the vid man! Reel Guys doing their THANG.

Jon Swary says:

Asians releasing fish!

Clay Pollock says:

I thought this was something special. Lol. It’s just a dang bobber.

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