Making a Fishing Bobber Out of a Nerf Darts!

In this a make a fishing bobber out of Nerf darts!

My swimbaits:


Torben Larsen says:

more video like this please

Lance Bowers says:

This morning in ohio -9 degrees this weather sucks

Evan Burchfield says:

You need to upload more often (btw love ur vids)

Shelby Bandt says:

Can you please do a what’s in my tacklebox 2019 please respond like if agree

Wesley Hackney says:

Very clever. Guess you are getting cabin fever if this is what you are thinking about making .

Zak Baker says:

1:10 That’s What She Said

Jackson Leyda says:

Love the vidoes man! Awesome idea!

Blubber Boy says:

You should do some catfishing

PixelatedTurtleTech says:

Yeah, get him 500k!

Pescaria Top100 says:

Bela dica amigo! Parabéns pelo vídeo!

dude who likes dinosaurs - Topic says:

I think a little weight near the spring would be nice,

Ethan Hedrick says:

Make a video when you fish with them

The River Steward says:

Nice vid man haha youre always doing something crazy bro

Melissa Wallen says:


Jayden Weidner says:

I love the diys!

The Boy Outdoors says:

Great video. you should do what’s inside my tackle bag video

rob ham says:

Go fishing with it

TheOutdoorAngler says:

Hey man, I’m in need of a last minute camera for my trip to NZ next week. Do you still use the G7? I was looking at that. Also, is it worth spending the extra $150 on the 25mm 1.7

Twitch/ Tomaso1488 says:

5:27 there is no center of a sphere

Wayne Slusser says:

Can you give me some tips on fly fishing?

spoonfed says:

Compare the cost of buying a bobber vs. making one.

Tristan May says:

Hey Brendan, Where in Ohio are you from? I’m from Cleveland

Lane Ferguson Fishing says:

More DIYs

Chris Sibert says:

I think you and me may live very close to each other and fish the same places.

F3 Outdoors says:

Love it man, I personally would love to see more DIY videos

Trevor Young says:

-Definitely could have bought the best bobber at Walmart for the price of all that crap, lol!

B. B. says:

Keep up the vids

PNWangling ! says:

Why didn’t you fish with it?

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