Long Range Bobber Fishing Rig – OOW Outdoors

This is a rig that we used during the Keystone Dam fishing video for stripers using flukes. It can cast super long distances and then suspend your lure so you won’t get hung up.

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OutofWORKoutdoors says:

we bough ours like that. Then taped the sections to help prevent damage between form sections.

Eric Villasenor says:


Zion Orion says:

Those are easy to make, don’t have to buy everything already made.. Self sufficient is part of the sport to

Eric Hongmahasak says:

Did u customize the bobber or bought it like that???

ORC 77 says:

Cool video thanks for the info

tracy hanamoto says:

I cant find those bobbers with the 3 ounce egg sinker on the end, where did you buy those?

andrew v says:

the bobbers are at bass pro and most bait shops by the rivers

william lint says:


mogtrader8 says:

Is the setup for the 2oz bobber diff’t, since there’s a connector below the bobber.
Can you also do a slower vid, or vid on tieing the hook? Thanks.

Arjanit Marku says:

Where did you guys buy the bobbers at?

snaggyslugworm fishing/vlogs says:

uploaded on my birthday

rrculpepper says:

Also, if you look up salmon striker floats they are good in conjunction with a bobber stop. That way you can run the bobber stop 20 feet into your reels spool and still cast with it. When you cast it the weight will stop sinking when it hits the bobber stop.

adamitshelanu says:

Uncle Steve was wondering right at the point you said “5 foot leader” … but the technique of having the lure ride the bobber on cast …. is something to try! Had not thought of that.

rrculpepper says:

Braided line is better for bobber fishing because it floats… Mono sinks causing your hookset to be soggy, or even pulling the bait from the fish while trying to reel in your slack before the hookset.

dan tannehill says:

Damn! I haven’t fished below the turbines at Keystone dam for at least 13 years. I used to fish for striper there every day. Before work and after. Filled many a stringer with5 to 15 pound fish very often. Thanks for your videos

bktarch says:

Thanks for sharing!!! You guys are great!!

OutofWORKoutdoors says:

with lure riding on the bobber, your cast is more consistent and will travel further.

danny. tran says:

never seen them done like that before

Eric Hongmahasak says:

Oh ok because I really don’t see those in Texas haha

xbkgpx says:

Just get a popping cork its to much easier than this

Tee Vang says:

maxima is not “LEED” its “LEAD” as in metal

Randy Saing says:

Can you make a video to make those wight floaters please

MangoTree651 says:

I like the rusty scissor I have one also.

greg Sean says:

Learn better English. This was painful to watch

chanthalay tayarath says:

I can’t wait to use this rig for hybrids and strikers.

Charles Tiffey says:

bassa wood corks work better

mogtrader8 says:

where did you buy the floating catss?

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