iBobber Sonar Fish Finder Tutorial – How to use video

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iBobber fishfinder video tutorial by Top UK angler and tackle tester Richard Lee demonstrating the device’s features and how to use them.

iBobber Features:
• Sonar depth up to 135ft (41 metres) Depth scale, Fish depth
• Tags 2 fish sizes (Under 15″ / 38cm & Over 15″ / 38cm)
• Built-in Strike Alarm, alerting you when the fish bite
• Bluetooth Smart v4.0 maintains a strong, low energy connection with a smart device
• Waterbed contour mapping up to 100ft (30 metres) away

Exclusive iBobber European distributor.
+44 (0)1253 407 272

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this name is longer then your name or is it says:

how.much is it

Sir Hawk says:

Can this be use for ice fishing?

ocean1305 says:

Does it have a return home feature should the line break?

Adam Hale says:

Does it show you by a camera what is in the Walter like a under Walter camera

futtmill says:

Does it effectively show the difference between hard and soft bottoms?

Gede Mahendra Wijaya says:

Hi, is this possible to change a transducer type, ex : for deepwater fishing.
Thank you

Odinox says:

That fish is fat!! holy carp!!

alTreezy! アル トリージー!! says:

because, who actually fishes anymore? Pathetic…

Gus Stav says:

would it work for rock fishing?

Bill jhonson says:


The UNDRGND says:



is it only for iphone or also for android

Bill jhonson says:

do u have to have internet connection to use?

Denis Ustinov says:


4_sons_fishing says:

Great video! Just ordered one!

Lee Webb says:

I am assuming you can fish with the ibobber attached to the line ?

Lachlan Croker says:

Thanks heaps

Hamid Mehmood says:

I understood how I bobber works but also let us know about the automatic fish catcher I mean the device which you have fixed with the rod and it indicates that fish has been caught automatically instead of pulling when it bites the bait…

Kevin Bautista says:

hopefully this thing can transform into a drone and fly back to you when your line breaks

David Garcia says:


Alex says:

Can you just leave it in the water while using a different pole for fishing. And can the Ibobber also see your fishing line?

Vw Tim says:

Great vid

Tim McKinney says:

Does it let you know when you get a bite? Like vibrates your phone? Just curious.

Retro4fun says:

Does it work to use it with a boat And sitting in the boat or use with a baitboat if you make in both situations a modification to be sure that the bobber lay on the water surface?
(example: a mini rod with a short line)..just ask to be shure it works with my fishing habit 🙂

blake ware says:

how do u tie it on

Jason Xu says:

Will it work with iOS 9 soon?

Night Sniffer says:

Just ordered my own! Now i’m waiting for it in Poland 🙂 hope it’s great!

Chris P says:

This product would seem to be extra useful for trout fishing because there harder to locate and catch. It would be nice to see the depth of the trout to know whether to use a bobber or lure on top or fish the bottom. Also do you have to have an iPhone because I have a galaxy s6 edge.

Matt Meadows says:

how deep will this sonar reach? areas I fish have holes from 5 ft to about 35-40ft

Second Chance Limited says:

You can purchase #iBobber #FishFinder for less than £99 here at Amazon – https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00LEA2FS0. Second Chance Ltd. are the Exclusive distributors for European territories. For more information on distribution please contact us via sales@secondchance.co.uk

shellducasse says:

can you add hook to this if so how?

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