How to Rig the Whisker Seeker Tackle Monster Foam Catfish Floats

The new EVA foam floats from Whisker Seeker Tackle are giant, buoyant, and will hold up a big bait! Here is a great way to rig one for catfishing!

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Matt Moore says:

have you had any trouble with the triple threat hooks cutting the line at the eyelet?

QC Sappercats says:

A longer rod is definitely needed, I use spider wire as the main line with flurocarbon to the hook, can pick up line quicker, thanks for posting, tight lines!

Cat Daddy Fishin says:

Nice. It’s 3 weeks till the 4 oz back in stock.

Keybeck Song says:

Thanks Spencer I just bought a float from WST and was wondering the best way to rig. Going after some blues tonight my friend

zenas chhoeum says:

Nice thanks for showing this rig i will try it out real soon.

Riverbendlongbows Outdoors says:

I need to try some different rigs. Thanks

Cat Daddy Fishin says:

Hey man. I’m in the need of three either m/h or heavy whisker Seeker Chad Ferguson rods in the casting model. I’ve got 6 of the spinning medium heavy but I’m I’m in need of the casting now and I do have 3 of the 9’6” rods but they’re to big for the trip I’m planning to take. What yah think I should order? I’ll be fishing the Ohio in some cover from the bank in areas.

Danny Schwab says:

Hey what’s that bobber made of plastic or wood. And when you added the weight do you like the bobber to stand up or lay down and when it stands helps you no you got a bite. I finally got my new rod. Got some hooks the lighted up bobber. Now I have the older big bobbers you get from Walmart. But these there are huge I want to get a couple being there not to high. Just little more than what I’m using. But just curious what it’s made from. Almost looks foam.

Danny Schwab says:

Awesome thanks man. God bless

Matt Mataya says:

Will that bobber hold up the whisker seeker fish grips if you happen to drop them in the water?

Joshua s says:

is this theyre brand new Styrofoam bobber or the same as the lighted bobber they have?

Austin Jones says:

Why’d u put beads above your hook


That’s just what I’ve been looking for ..awsome thanks for sharing

EatnLunch Fishing says:

Nice carrot.

Panfish says:

Wow that is huge!

Scotty Hill aka Catfishnfreak says:

Sweet video brother!!!

TwiztedFishingTv says:

Great looking slip float. That’s one of my most productive rigs, everyone should try it if you haven’t. Thanks for sharing!

i_fish says:

You are like a walking demo for Chad’s products : ). His entire lineup! He should sponsor you.. That rig is same as mine, if not for the beads. I’m sure catfish doesn’t mind them, but they bother me, i have OCD and can’t watch them just sit there.. : )

Kevin Curbow says:

Is the weight rating of the floats the amount it takes to get them upright or is it a max holding weight?

Sawyer H. says:

Hey nice video thanks for showing us one of your rigs!

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