How To Rig The Muddy River Catfishing Bobber

Here are a couple of different ways that I like to rig up the Muddy River Catfishing Bobber. This bobber is excellent for super sized baits. I’ve had 4oz of weight along with a 12″ live bait and it doesn’t even faze the bobber. The only thing that will make it go underwater is the big fish at the other end of the line. They are great for catfish, muskie, and any other big fish that requires a large live bait. Add a glow stick to the built-in holder and you’re ready for a fun night of fishing! For more information visit


Preston Frady says:

damn a YouTuber who doesn’t have a address always saying send me something….

PGH Bottom Feeders says:

Awesome video and tips on how to rig this bobber. I have a question can you cast your rod with this rig without it coming off

illinois fishing says:

awesome video thanks for the tips

freddie arbuckle says:


PGH Bottom Feeders says:

Awesome rig and product. I have to pick some of these

Pig Hunta says:

Any videos of this in action?

Full Dab says:

first here

Mike Smith says:

Enjoyed video. What size braided line do you use?

Juanelo1946 says:

Kris, very informative! That bobber is so large I could use it as a life preserver! Thanks for the lesson in rigging my friend!

Mark Shane says:

Have you ever used the bobber with your standard
bottom rig, with the weight on the bottom and the hook in the middle? Great video.

Fishing with Mike Chavez says:

Looking good brother…

Jason Ritter says:

Kris sir I would say you are no doubt the most informative person I watch on YouTube. keep it up.and keep making great content. have a good night and god bless. oh yah and tight lines.

William Morris says:

another way I found is instead of using the slider thing, us a swivel with a clasp because it is almost the same thing

Whisker Stix Cincy says:

pretty sweet design. nicely done. love how you go into detail for people. if you ever make your way to ohio id love to meet and take you fishing brother.

Full Dab says:

can I be 10 likes do being first comment and like

Tina DeLaurier says:

my pb is a 12 pound blue

GeorgeGaming says:

this has helped me out alot to figure out how to make my a rig for bobber fishing catfish. I been struggling with just a sinker so hopefully this might be what i need to change things up a little

Fishingin Tennessee says:

I fish in this area where there are some big channel cats but I’ve tried live bait cut bait and everything is not working I don’t know why they aren’t getting hook I use a 5 ought circle hook and usually cut bluegill and I let it’s sit for about 30 minuets before I change bait but usually I don’t even get a nibble would You know why that this might be happening bc I know there are some big ones I there they just won’t bite do you know why ?

Gary Biggs says:

I assume the weight is for making the rig easier to cast? I often fish w/a b-gill under a bobber w/ no weight at all or just a small weight between the hook and mainline swivel to try and keep the b-gill under the surface as they tend to want to swim up.

bobby crain says:

A pair of cheap nail clipper’s work much better than a knife, got a pair in my tackle box…..don’t need the 3 hand

thebandittransam Seijas says:

I ordered my first muddy river Bonner today!!! Will try it this weekend.

Robert Garcia says:

awesome rigs man!!!love your videos!!!

Terence Gillespie says:

I tried your suggested link for buying the big bobber.  No luck.  Scheels si the site I was sent to and they don’t have it.

Tina DeLaurier says:

awesome! catfishing in texas is great! we go to the Ute lake in NM. ever been there? if so any tips. thx. pls reply!

Keegan Beaver says:

Can you send me chum bait please

911Pranksters says:

Can’t wait to give this a try this Spring.

Tom nky says:

Hey kris i won 1 of ur bobbers at Steve Douglas’ captain mad jacks tournament the other night, i went on an watched this video again to make sure how to use it, seems like its gonna b pretty cool thanks man!

Mike Smith says:

Thanks a lot.

Giuliano Supriano says:

super cool

Fred Cash says:

I need some of those

BallistikMystikGaming says:

Kris ,man send me your address so I can send you some scissors. Your gonna lose some skin with that knife buddy!!!

Rodney Johnston says:

just use a water jug you don’t have to go through all that problem putting it together

Catfish King says:

Exelente vídeo amigo felicidades

The Weekend Angler says:

Awesome rig!

Alem Battle says:


raul ibanez says:

great vid Kris I like all your videos..I’ve even got my boys saying chicken liver chum bait for no reason…any who what a great bobber idea pal.

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