How To Rig A Slip Bobber For Crappie Fishing

A slip bobber and live minnow make for great crappie fishing! I show you how I rig my slip bobber and hook my minnows. Join me as we head to Weiss Lake in search of crappie!

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Fishing with Mike Chavez says:

Looking good Richard Gene…I’m still playing catch up on my views…always enjoy coming along with you my friend…

Matt Watson says:

thanks again

Roger Mayfield says:

What part of lake you fish mostly on Weiss.

Steve Shoemaker says:

Hey Richard do u live on the lake?

Crimsontide798 says:

Nice tip

Mr. Shaky Head says:

I’m going to put this into play next time at the lake. Thanks for showing how to do the slip knot.

Matt Davis says:

Another great video! Thanks so much Richard! You may not know it, but I’m right there in the other seat fishing with you, lol. Well that’s the way it always seems when I watch your videos, they’re that good. Keep them coming.

Yeshua Adoneinu says:

have you ever found an effective way to catch minnows, im tired of paying money for them, they can get expensive

Steve Worrell says:

Another great video, I’m not sure if I’m the first one to ask this question but could you show us on your next outing how you locate fish with your depth finder? Or maybe you don’t want to give that secret up, if that’s the case that’s fine. Thanks.

Danny Schwab says:

Awesome video yea I’ve used that bobber Love them. Mine come with the small red bait golder hooks for brim. But I love crappie fishing with them. I had a good bit 10 years ago got in Michigan. Now I got 1 left so haven’t used been setting in my tackle box of bobbers for 5 years since I lost the 2nd to last one lol. Gave away a few over the years they liked them also. Thanks for sharing and them some nice crappie I made a vidoe cleaning some had 5 over 12 in. We got a lake being drained and if you get in small boat and head out to the left people are getting there limits in hours. And some big ones. It’s been to cold for me but I really want to go back out. But for now fishing under the bridge at the spill way there fixen to fix it broke after the flood last March bad flood. Warshed out the road was closed almost a year. Well thanks for sharing. God bless.

Bryan Beavers says:

Another great vid RG.
Thanks for the tip on tying the bobber stop, I don’t like the “store bought” ones.  Your method looks much easier.

Don’t you just love the “winter fishing?”  Almost the entire lake to yourself…. without those “ski fleas” buzzin’ all over the place!

Keep ’em coming Richard!


Lsey81 says:

Thanks for this knowledge! Have you ever done a catch and cook?

Don Prater says:

Great video Ricky !!

"Just Ask Jason" says:

Richard you got you one of them fancy yeti coolers, did you get sponsored by yeti?

Dennis Haire says:

Hey, Elmo. Tell Richard I spent more on my depth finder then I should have. Need some pointers on what Richard was seeing on his finder. Sure would close the loop on Richard’s teachins. Dennis

TroyboyQUE says:

Good job and they look delicious. I will do this when I find fresh water.

Landon Blalock says:

Another awesome crappie video Richard aka crappie slayer! Do you ever fish any around the north sauty area on guntersville lake? I live in scottsboro and crappie fish this part of the lake alot.

The Mamba says:

Richard, do you ever go to Browns Creek for the minnows? They have awesome minnows! Perfect 1-1.5″ minnows.

Underground Chuckey Tennessee says:

Well, I didn’t think you could get any better….but was wrong….loved the format of this video. Info and instructions first and then take us out and show us how it works….and the lens in the last few minutes looked like a fish eye lens….great shot…..thanks for sharing info and making this ol guy a better fisherman. you sure got a fan in Underground Chuckey, Tn. Hope you are staying warm, cause its ccccold outside up here in the mountains.

Vinny Venegas says:

I’ve never fished for crappie but you sure make me want to. I hear they are really good to eat.


GREAT video, Richard !!!
Thanks !

Wesley Osburn says:

Hey Richard I’ve been fishing at goose pond what color should I use I fish Bobby Garland

John Wall says:

Hey Gene, great video. Could you provide the description of the hook you mentioned {rotating}. I would like the brand, description and size. Thanks! BTW- keep those crappie videos coming because…. “They are good fer me”

Quinton Williams says:

Great video!Real fisherman

Andre thames says:

I’ve always wanted to know how to tie that line stop. Thank you so much.

Dale Tann says:

Awesome video, can’t wait to see a winter crappie video!

The Mamba says:

My go-to is a Balsa Wood float. I also use a barrel swivel to keep my line from twisting, and place the split shot right above the swivel. Great video for the new comers!

Ernest Cole says:

I just got interested in crappie fishing and a friend turned me on to your videos. Great information and entertainment. I have learned a lot in just a few days of watching. I am primarily a bass fisherman and I am headed out this Friday for my first trip to target crappie. Wish me luck.

Book of Alpha-Ronomy says:

Rich, I’m a tight-lining king. But when I’m on the Ross Barnett spillway and the sac a lait want the bait to sit there, I can never get a bite on a slip bobber. I think my fortunes will change now. Thanks for the game brother

Finna Fish says:

I’ve always wanted to try this rig for Crappie. My Crappie skills are non existent. That’s why I got Richard!

Rick Fountain, Jr. says:

11K subs!!!!!

Ron Nesmith says:

My favorite type of crappie fishing I love using a bobber. Funny thing about it if I have to wait an extra 10 minutes to see my doctor i get fidgety but i can set there all day and wait watching for a hit on a bobber lol. Thanks for the video Richard and God bless.

Soua Yang says:

Nice catch grandpa were that at

Pinetar And Robyns Homestead says:

Cool deal

A Hodge says:

Good video! Thanks for showing the bobber stop knot!

Twinstone says:

Excellent video, my go to setup for crappie, I also like to use ice jigs tipped with plastics, thanks!!!

James Darrell Fultz says:

Another good video Richard. Good to see you fishing with the slip bobbers. I have been experimenting with several bobber stops. I have found a rubber football type stop to work well so far. I have also found the Thill bobbers to work best for me. They are balsa wood and if you watch closely on line you can get them cheap, especially right now. I would like to see your take on some of the double hook rigs. I have tried a few and i like a barrel swivel onn top and a slip shot on the bottom method. This allows you to to switch out weights as you need for the different depths. Here in my part of the crappie fishing world, brush is always a large factor in your rigs and presentations. A lot of folks use 30 lb braid (spider wire yellow high vis) with your rig presentation tied on an 6-8 lb leader. This allows you to free your rig from the brush without loosing your set up and a lot of line most times. Once again, thank you for your videos Sir. God bless and please keep them coming. MERRY CHRISTMAS !!!!!!

Matt Jackson says:

Thanks for the awesome videos!Im curious what kind of little boat that is?The one with the turf carpet.Looks like it’s stable and the perfect size.

Derrick Anderson says:

I love that knot more, more, more… Wow Ali picture in the background sweet!!!

Basketball Ref says:

Thanks for the bobber stop tip I will use this method.

Fishing with LaSharkHunter says:

Exactly what i was look for. I always struggle with the slip float. Now i know how. Thanks!

The Mamba says:

Now this is my way of fishing! Thanks, Richard! Be safe brother.

Rene Lopez says:

Keep doing what you’re doing
Love these videos

Johnathon Johnson says:

I will have to try this sometime. Thanks RGFM. Ps. I hate Fl crawfish.

Brooks Pearce says:

Hey Boss man , Here is a tip for you . You might even want to pass it on . If you are fishing with a slip bobber from the bank, tie you another slip knot on your line below your bobber and slide it down to your sinker. 9 out of 10 time if you get hung and break off the line will break where that sinker is. That slip knot above the sinker will help save your bobber. Great video 🙂

Mack Nine says:

Thanks for the class. Good stuff.

Arkansascrappiehunter says:

Does the slip knot that u use stay in place good or does it slip as u reel the fish in…i know the rubber stops slips as I feel the fish in and I lose my depth….great video…elmo must be ur camera man lol….how do u like the 5’6″ acc

Lou Tippey says:

Thats the way to slip bobber em there Richard Gene. Good job. We catch lots of crappie here in Texas on slip bobbers using mostly jigs.

Steve Tyo says:

Great video, been buying bobber stoppers for years….no more!! Thanks. Someday when you have time show us your fish finder and how you locate suspended fish so easily and the depth of the water you are fishing in. Thanks again…..go fishin’.

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