How to catch panfish fast with a float/bobber!

In this video I explain how to break down a bank fishing spot fast with a bobber. I’ve used this method for years in tons of different lake with massive success!


STRIFE_45 says:

That was fancastic

Craig West says:

Lol nice intro/beat

The Fishing Experience says:

Nick were on the delta would you TARGET (shore fishing) crappie deep holes , cover , boat bock/launches, near trees , points , flats, emerged/submerged grass, what are the high percentage area I can look forward to targeting crappie ?

BrendonGS says:

You make the best panfishing videos on YouTube hands downs! Your contributions are greatly appreciated!

angela sheppard says:

A lot of good info. Thanks

KronicFishing says:

Great video, but you never mentioned how to avoid line twist when free bobbing, or did I miss that part?

Ken Rice says:

“Once I get bit, I’m going to keep trying to catch um”…….That is the same fishing philosophy that I have! 🙂
Seriously, I enjoy your vids, thanks!

Basscaster says:

Lucky Junk Box.

Bartholomew Alexis says:

thnks for the tip IF

flock security says:

Stop catching my fish

I.P. Fishing says:

How can o not get skunked all the time in Washington

jdogg661420 says:

what if you put the weight below the hook will the bobber respond if a fish grab it? my best day at castaic(small smallmouth 2 striper and one big largemouth) from the banks was with a micro jig and fixed bobber about foot up. even the big fish like the micro jig.

piaoliang says:

i just drop the worm right in front of me and catch them. I never cast for panfish.

Tim Ward says:

Great video, thanks for the advice.

VeratosizFishing says:

holy crap ive been looking for a channel as good as yours for a year now great information and explanations which is what my rear needs thank you

Britton M. says:

Will a double uni knot work as a bobber stopper?

Joseph Taylor says:

Can you fish off the bank also I like your tips but want to see you use them from the bank

shltplease says:

I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again. You explain so well and I appreciate it.

Stephen Stalter says:

I just discovered rocket bobbers at WallyWorld this summer and now only use them when I float fish.

Jayden S. says:


Timothy Jackson says:

Hey Nick I’m new to ya page, looking for LTB page



earthcoolsoncemore says:

If you take a straw (one you use for fountain drinks), cut them in half, then seal off both ends using a lighter, it’s a highly effective bobber for panfish. They just don’t detect it. Luke from catfish and carp did a video on it and I’ve been using that method ever since. Works great.

Very good information on this video.

I.P. Fishing says:

For bass

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