Float Fishing with Worms – Slip Bobber Bluegills

Can YouTube help me become a better fisherman? In this episode I am fishing a slip bobber for winter bluegills. Under the slip float I am using a piece of nightcrawler. I am out in the rain fishing just like I did when I was a kid. When the fishing is tough, I will do whatever I have to, to keep my fishing spirits high. That includes catching bluegills when nothing else is biting. I manage to catch half a dozen small bluegills with this slip float technique after making a few depth adjustments . I am still using the Diawa Sweepfire rod and the Shimano Sienna 1000 reel.


Bassinallyear Tv says:

Awesome video

Noah Broome says:

Oh man, how I miss uncle Steve

AG Staxx says:

Great “shout out” to Uncle Steve!!

TrackemKY says:

Look like a good day for Ducks haha good video man

sgtpavlov says:

It’s always good to be catching fish,especially this time of year. As for Uncle Steve,he still makes some videos on his other channel. They don’t seem fishing related though.

ThomasHardenFishing says:

Those are perfect size sunfish to use as bait to catch big bass or big catfish. Waiting to see that video next. =)

John's Fish Tales says:

Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays Realistic Fishing from the swift completion of his appointed rounds.

Bassin NW503 says:

In Oregon, if we weren’t willing to fish in the rain, we’d only have 3 weeks of the year to fish! What you are doing looks so fun… in fact, me and my g/f will be crappie fishing in a series of man-made canals in about 10-11 days. Looking forward to it.

Grizcrisp3 Outdoors says:

nice video man

Bass Ranger Outdoors says:

Well that was a realistic fishing vid for “normal people fishing” LOL!! Hopefully you will have some drier and warmer weather soon so bite will pick up! Good job my friend!!

Marshall Hurt says:

Great video!The rain make it difficult to fish.The fish are slow biting. After the rain it would be non stop fishing. Im glad u were catch some bluegill. So glad you are using live bait buddy.

Garrett McKenzie fishing says:

Looks like they were biting good!

wnyfishergirl says:

Nice!!!! I gotta say I love your intro it always makes me feel pumped up and gives me the itch for fishing

SatMorningOutdoors says:

You’re going to make me get out and do some panfishing.

Let's Go Fishing! South Florida says:

Reminds me when I was fishing in the rain out in California. All my friends ran away and left me there by myself at the pond. I was soaking wet trying to take cover under a tree, still fishing my butt off. All I caught was a cold but no one can take away the fact that I caught something that day !! ; )

Rick Harris says:

great fun indeed

lojo.fishing says:

man you are DEDICATED to be out fishing in the rain! I like that set up for panfish, I’m gonna have to try it. Also, remember spring bass fishing is coming! And I’d love to have the chance to put you on your pb bass!

Payton Sheppard says:

i’ve seen uncle steve before. not a bad channel

Wichita Pigeons says:

Everyday that you try something it makes you better. Even if that is fishing in the rain on a winter day. You where out there and you learned something I would of tossed up around the dock. Structure this time of year is a good thing

Rick Harris says:

great fun indeed

Okie Catfishing says:

Hey Mr.! Quit catching all my catfish bait! 😉

Johan Anderson says:

A crappy day like that is the only time I ever catch anything at Barton’s Creek. Also, Uncle Steve was awesome!

BEARDed Outdoors says:

Wake up.
Stroke beard.
Keep it Realistic.

ColeOutdoors says:


CAM says:

Let me tell you….you are a wizard when it comes to compressing your video’s….by the time I get set up, I am pass 10 minutes….but you!!(leave me scratching my head) I bow at the waist. Glad to have you as a friend **Super Fantastic Segment** Congrats on 2.1k. as well…(smile)

Michael Keevan says:

nice video I enjoyed watching it

HookThemBassTV says:


570FISHING says:

Awesome video man! Gotta love catching bluegill every once in a while!

Rodney Harris says:

Cool video Realistic Fishing!!!! Not sure if fishing in the rain will make you a better fishermen or not but it’ll make you a more patient fisherman I think. But it we’ve got to fish in the rain, we’ve got to fish in the rain Lol Leanne and I are going out on Monday. We’ve got a horrible low pressure system hanging around it should be gone by Monday. There’s going to be plenty of rain but no wind so looks like Leanne and I will be fishing in the rain Monday!!! Can’t say I’ve heard of Uncle Steve!! Take care and tight lines!!!!

The Bass Nutt says:

winter rain fishing you hardcore!

Gilbert Randolph says:

I love the concept of your channel man. It’s nice to see some videos that show the more honest side of fishing (like all the times we loose tackle in branches and snags).

donnie byers says:

I bobber fish with the kids all the time. You should try bobber fishing with live minnows. The small ones. You’ll be amazed at what you can catch with them. But you have to reel down, before setting the hook, just like bass fishing. And don’t use any splitshot. Let the minnows free swim.

Bass Crazy says:

true fisherman haha

Glennjonesnc says:

Realistic fisherman, fishing in the rain may not make you a better fisherman, but it showers you just love to fish. And remember your fishing for some who can’t fish for whatever the reason, they can’t get out and fish, so they watch you. It’s almost like being there. Thanks for taking us along.

Aaron Nelson says:

Well drop vs the float!? What you thinking wet ass? LOL!!

Gills-N-Thrills says:

I like that you are fishing by yourself and no one to bother you. peace and quiet. cheers

The Reel Deal Outdoors says:

Were do you get the tunes for your intros?

Keifers Reel Planet Bass says:

reliving the childhood memories keeping the Spirit Alive good job bro

Jake's GoPro says:

more nice gills! better raining than snowing or ice on the water lol

Fishing Pleasures says:

Good ol Uncle Steve. Have followed his videos for years. Enjoyed your video!

Bass In adventurers says:

only real Fisherman will fish in the rain

Faith M. says:

you caught a bass with a jig, you my friend are a better fisherman lol

Intrepid Fisherman says:

Ya know even after the very large and aggression saltwater fish I catch I sometimes just love going down to the local creek by my house and catching blue gill one after another. Seems once you find the bunch they just keep coming. Great video hope that rain didn’t make it to miserable.

Matthew Camp says:

Another great video!!

BassGeek says:

DUDE I love Uncle Steve! Yeah he did stop making videos. The trolls got to him.

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