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In this video Graeme gives you some tips on float fishing slow rivers. He goes through what floats to use, his float set up and the general rigs and tactics for float fishing rivers. He is based on the river Thames at Lechlade. Graeme also adopts an open ended feeder to help him cover different levels of the water coloumn.
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David Harvey says:

A joy to watch as always. Happy days. I keep hearing something something, “match rod” what does it mean? Is it just a posh one? has our is our Totally Awesome master of thrift splashed out?

Reiss Cooper says:

You should try spinning for perch on the canal see if you do good

josh smith says:

The fishig is great i like the bit where the ish jumps off the hook!

RedwallTV says:

Graham! i Have been there you should come down to flaxlands fishery not too far from there it’s a lovely lake should make a good video

david kevin Rogers says:

best fishing show on youtube by far, T/A show…

Ben Gray says:

mike you should do a battle at this swim dropshotting vs float

Just JB says:

8 times out of ten the perch swallows the hook for me but roach bream just hook it nicely in its top lip

Rickalls Outdoors says:

hook link? is that the main line to hook? i understand a hook link on ledger but not float :/

Vicky Harris says:

You missed a great big un lucky

Dr4g0nW00d says:

what i dont understand about this float fishing is what length you take from the float to the hook ?

Danny Pearson says:

Graeme Pullen you are an inspiration. you and your son continue to provide me with totally awesome fishing techniques and old school methods which I particularly enjoy. As a beginner in comparison to TA I would like to know as I approach a water how can I get the most accurate reading of what is happening below the surface.Best regards Dan Pearson

FishingForLife28 says:

That is a totally awesome cap, might end up buying one

Jack Carr says:

Anyone help out new to fishing. How far up the line does the float need to be away from hook. And any tips to help catch any fish. Thanks love the vids

River Hound says:

Why not use a proper centerpin reel like kinpin or raven

Owen Wigley says:

what do you do with those fish after?

Slapping Stuff says:

I love to watch your videos mid winter when its too cold to go fishing on the canal. Really cheers me up!

Gary Wang says:

I love the post of fishing podcast, especially the beautiful scenery and affable gentleman, great one

antony.scoots.4 says:

Please do a float fishing on a fast river video

Kate saville says:

Brill crack more like my fishing

Reiss Cooper says:

You’ve fished across the river out side the tackle shop for the perch video you did, old age your forgetting.

ap72sentinal says:

thank you

Harry Rayner says:

Please can you go to green field fishery in barkshire thank

adrian morgan says:

Nice Film………..hope you got the pint!

edgars lesinskis says:

in 14:20 in the video fish you caught I had a zander on a live one in the middle of the day 5lb


Hi Graeme, another great video capturing the essence of simple fishing pleasure. I have the same problems with split shot but now use Stotz made by Preston’s much easier to put on the line, I use style pincers to do this.To get same line on the river try overcasting, clip up and wind in say 10 turns which will give you enough line to trot down a slow river and try preloading wagglers with lead wire. Hope that helpsu

Dave Goff says:

Hi Graeme you asked if you have caught a Perch that didn’t swallow the hook?. I picked a tip up to improve more successful bites. Off centre the hook. I do this with all my hooks now because i find it’s a rarity to catch a Perch that has swallowed the hook.

Angelina Schwark says:

love your videos I use some of your methods for my fishing here in california USA thanks for the good information

Joshua Ledwith says:

Along the river Shannon there is a lot of huge roach that can be caught on bread

Paul_Mark says:

Great video Graeme

lilgrazzhopper says:

Yea I saw u get a bite on the other pole

Mark Bray says:

Loving the videos. As someone new to fishing as a pass time, it would be a bit of useful information if you included a date of when the video was shot. For me personally, it would help with what can be expected throughout the year. ‘Sterliing’ work though guys!

David Harvey says:

watched this video several times, still enjoying it! Haven’t caught a single fish out of the broads yet. Probably all the fish are up in the boat yards and 99% of them are off limits to anglers. Soon be end of the season and hopefully something will show up on the beaches.

Vicky Harris says:

Grate video

S.A K. says:

I see carp in fall eating acorns falling of the trees,so I started fly fishing them with an acorn imitation 35 pounders all day. I still can’t believe it works. tight lines from Canada mate

Baitcaster says:

what an inspiring video..can’t wait to go fishing now. roll on weekend. Thanks TA guys for all the great tips you give us ..might be greedy but more more more please lol …

Freddy Stephenson says:

Have you ever caught a pike down the Thames?

Timothy Mallinson says:

Hi Graeme, Enjoyed the video as always and as an angler of similar age to yourself with similar eyesight I can fully understand why you hate shotting floats and tying size 18 hooks….it sucks! I was wondering could you use dead wax worms to bulk out groundbait for bream?, a pet shop near me sells huge bags of them for a quid and as a tight Yorkshire man I like to make my own ground bait, as well as a lot of my own tackle I may add. Cheers Tim ( a fellow oldie)

denzel washington Having a Vietnam flashback says:

i like how he just throw the fish back in

peter thurwood says:

very informative but have bit of respect for the fish dont throw them in net

Tom Winter Fishing says:

Nice video, Graeme. I never realised the thames was so big that far up. Looks like a nice spot!

punkrockplatypus says:

It’s amazing how similar Roach are to Golden Shiners here in the states. It’s a really good time getting into a big school of Shiners.

Chris Randall says:

I have caught perch without them swallowing the hook

Harry Rayner says:

Please can you do some more carp fishing again thanks

dingman says:

Are you going to do any fishing in Norfolk?

Harry Rayner says:

Ok thanks

The Fishing Experiment says:

Very nice man. I’ll have to give float fishing a try this spring when the ice melts. It should be fun. Thanks for the tips

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