Float Fishing for Bluegills and Crappie with Gulp Minnows and Worms

I’m out float fishing for bluegills and crappie. Will the artificial Gulp Minnows catch as many fish as the worms? Before I get started with the fishing, I go over how to set up a slip bobber. After catching a few nice bluegills on the Gulp Minnow, I try the worm to see what I can catch. I manage to catch a red ear sunfish on the worm and not the minnow. However, when I switch back to the Gulp, I catch a beautiful 11 inch crappie! I was surprised to catch the crappie on the gulp and the sunfish on the worm. And of course, I caught bluegills on both. I like the Gulp Minnow because it stays on the hook longer. So weather you are float fishing with worms or Gulp Minnows, now is a great time to get out and catch those crappies and bluegills.

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Urban Wolf 64 says:

Very nice video, I’m heading out tomorrow for some pan fishing with my grandson hope we can get a few for the freezer. May I ask what power/action the rod was? As always we enjoy your channel & congratulations on 10.000 subscribers. Happy Thanksgiving

Central Coast Bass says:

Gulp is a great bait, it gets stripped easily and expensive but catches fish. – Scott.

TxOldNavy says:

I liked your comment “Cam would be proud”……Good fishing vid!

Stan Petrikis says:

Happy thanksgiving for my realistic hero.

Dink Master says:

Been wanting to catch the gills and crappie at my pond, I’ll try this out!

OTPFishing says:

I don’t know about you, but I love fishing in the rain. The sound of the rainfall hitting the trees, the water, it’s god damn relaxing. Plus, nobody else shares that view in my neck of the woods so I always have the water to myself!

Great video though man. Have a great thanksgiving!

Daniel Boyd says:

Rain can be kinda’ fun with the right clothing, within reason. That was a great day out!

Manuel Juarez says:

Nice video I might just go out today and use some gulp minnows for panfish nice vid tho

Fishing With Jawad says:

Very good fishing my friend, pretty impressive crappie *Thumbs Up* keep them coming.

BassGeek says:

hahahahaha “That guy is also hardcore.” That just made me bust out laughing. Yes I will agree both of you are hardcore to be out in cold rain. Nice catches man and that crappie would make a heck of a sandwich.

BlackOpsFishing says:

I liked it!

beangone beangone says:

I was out this morning and a guy out on the lake was throwing a jig. He snagged and pulled in a huge dead bluegill that was hooked and still attached to a micro rod and spinning gear rig. Biggest damn bluegill either of us had ever seen. Probably a kid just was bored and left his rod unattended and the bluegill pulled it in. Such a waste had to be close to 11/2 to 2 lbs. huge

beangone beangone says:

Beautiful crappie! Seemed to get rid of the rain. Nice vid

PhillyJohnny1825 says:

Happy Thanksgiving brother! Was happy to see a new video today!

Dinsmore Outdoors says:

Have you ever tried the gulp crickets?

TackleBerry 101 says:

Braided line with a mono or flouro leader. Goodbye line twists.

Big Joe says:

Those “medium” size bluegill are about the average in the little park ponds around central Jersey. I don’t get many decent size. You have some good water down there.

fishing tv says:

I love the vids man keep them up

Fishing_With_BIG-D says:

Nice!… the bite is tough here in Virginia as well… I went tried some of the drop shot techniques you had in a video and landed a few blue gills. tried it in a small pond know for trout and landed some nice rainbows & a big brown … thanks for the good advice man

Jamie Brown says:

Love fishing in the fall like this

Dab4Bass TV says:

Happy Thanksgiving bud!

Tim Zajac says:

That was a great crappie! Well worth fishing in the cold rain I’m sure.

Ted Bastwock says:

Ha I’m liking the cheery attitude on this red hairy giant in such grey conditions… thanks for another great video I almost bought some gulp baits today because of you, I’m sure I will get some st some point in the future

nottheexpert88 says:

Thanks man I see ur doing it big how long u been on

nottheexpert88 says:

Nice video man if you have a chance plz check out my channel

KelvinShiFTZ says:

Hey great video! You should stop by my channel too, I also do Gopro bass and trout fishing videos. Love for you to stop by and check me out! Thanks for the helpful tips.

Michael Skelton says:

Awesome video!

Ralph Barton says:

Very good setup for midwinter walleye and trout as well. Nice video my friend

Tx Loyalty 210 says:

Awesome video keep up the good work

Michael.___ Saad says:

Love your channel sometimes I’d go pan fishing with night crawlers and not catch a thing, comes to show that fishing is a not what it looks like on YouTube or t.v.

Miguel Bañuelos says:

Awesome video! Just started Bluegill fishing. I took my 6 year old daughter fishing for the first time too. She caught one before I did! She caught it on her birthday present -Disney Frozen kids rod, mealworms. I ended up catching 2 on the minnows. Fun times.

EatnLunch Fishing says:

Bobber fishing for panfish is kind of my jam, so to speak. Never gets old after all these years. Never tried those gulp alive minnows in a jar, but I did try some of the gulp plastics in a regular package last week and that was the only thing the Crappie were hitting. Line twist blows. Bobber fishing rules. Fun video, thanks!

Bruce Langley says:

Get rid of that mono and use power pro braid 10 or 15 pound. casts better and dosent twist

Fishing with Mike Chavez says:

Alright Alex..Yes sir.. a great panfish day for sure…

Jack Johnston says:

Last few videos seem to be a bit more educational. I like it.

Ricardo says:

Youve convinced me to try some of the gulp minnows. Also that bobber setup is cool. Thanks for the tips. Happy Thanksgiving.

Back Into Fishing says:

Rain again, and that line twist, we must be fishing on the same days. Super video on an easily overlooked fishing method.

Intrepid Fisherman says:

yeah I don’t mind the rain I just don’t do lightning. 11 inch crappie for the win…. great work.

None Ofyourbiz says:

That crappie was very nice. Catch you a couple of those and you got yourself a nice meal. I love good crappie fillets fried in beer batter. Yum!!


Little trick you can do is dip the line on the spool in hot water that should help it

Justtryintotofish big fish says:

For some reason I can’t catch em in the rain but if it’s snowing it’s on what’s up with that Man? If I have you ever experienced this

Alek Tripp says:

Way to stick it out in that rain! Excellent crappie! Thumbs up!

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