Fishing With a GULP Minnow in Winter – Float or Drop Shot?

Can YouTube help me become a better fisherman? In this episode I battle the wind to catch some winter bluegills. I get a little frustrated with float fishing so I change to something heavier, a drop shot. Some guy in a kayak gets a little close as I try to fish my favorite winter fishing hole. I manage to catch a handful of bluegills after switching rigs. A frustrating trip can be turned around if you just keep fishing.

Keep it Realistic!


dr53love says:

After about an hour fighting the wind losing my jig and not catching jack…. Stole my audio

Key West Kayak Fishing says:

Well, at least you figured out the technique in the end. Tough condition rod bending is no easy feat.

Swiatek702 says:

Well, even with the wind, those minnows certainly produced on that dropshot! I’d definitely label your Gulp experiment a success. Tight lines bro!

Maine Angler says:

Nice video, I’ve tried those minnows a few times in the past but they were hit or miss for me, they seem to work well for you though!

I have a fishing and outdoor channel too, I invite you (and anyone else reading) to check it out!

Daniel A says:

Never really thought about this to be honest! Thanks for being so specific

Miguel Gama says:

Try the gulp alive nightcrawler. I use it for gills.



Jig Jig Pow! says:

Got to try that for some Freshwater pan fish. I catch salty bass with the 3incher and 4incher.

BlackOpsFishing says:

Haha, good video, very realistic! I enjoyed it.

xZxsa says:

I hate when you sit in a spot for like 10 mins have no bite, then a random dude or kid shows up and catches one first cast…

Jamie Sears says:

really good video, enjoyed it. I absolutely hate fishing when its super windy lol never have any luck

John's Fish Tales says:

Funny thing is I’ve been out on my Yak and had people walk up from the bank and start fishing right where I am. Guess it goes both ways sometimes. I’d like to try out those gulp baits too.

LB Fishing says:

Float fishing on a windy day is certainly no fun. One thing I noticed was it looked like you had a weight halfway between your bobber and the minnow? If I put weight under the bobber I usually put it right up against the bobber – if not it just twists and wraps around itself like at 2:45

BB Outdoors says:

Great vid I’m trying to make another video of my channel

PinkDragonflies says:

I’m new to fishing, started taking my 9-year-old this summer, and quickly became addicted. Your vids crack me up because fishing can really be as frustrating, as it is fun! Thanks for your channel! 🙂

bluecreeper gaming says:

Not being mean but u should have used a spinner bait but still very good vid

The Bass Nutt says:

Great Vid buddy should have smacked that dip sh#t in the back of the head with that drop shot!

Grablifebythefish 1 says:

Fishing in the wind sucks! Glad you stuck with it and caught a few!

Talking Lures says:

Your funny as hell please follow me and hope we can. Become buds!!!! Pm me on Instagram I’m. flip_n_pitch

Intrepid Fisherman says:

looks like the drop shot was the ticket. Found that pocket of fish and went for it.. Great video.

Jonas Pascual says:

My best fishing chanel ever

Matthew Camp says:

Another great video.

Lauree Cunningham says:

Personal opinion. When you go out day after day fishing for bass and not catching anything, it’s good to get some nightcrawlers and catch some bluegill. Just so you like fishing again!!!!

Fishing with Jesus says:

Gotta love the wind! Nice video!

Lisa Twitchell says:

Great showing that fishing can always be fun. Enjoy the experience whatever you’re catching or not catching. Not catching can be a real good lesson in what’s working and what isn’t. Still makes the day productive.

Wichita Pigeons says:

With the wind and everything you where fighting you did really well. I would of float fished the other side of the brush so it was going away. That might of worked. I am a fan of float fishing. This summer i am going to try a lot of new things. I went from 3 rods to 7 after Christmas.

Roll coop Youtube says:

You need to buy a kayak or something to get off land

Turtle Got Baits says:

I had a bag of one of the leak in my povket thw other day. Not a fun. Smelt horrile lol

Average Joe Fishing says:

I get so mad fishing in the wind here in Oklahoma. I feel your pain brother.

Panfish says:

I have never had luck with Gulp Minnows. Now Gulp Crickets I have had lots of success with! I would say a drop shot is good for if the fish are hanging on the bottom and a float for when they are not. All depends on depth.

Keifers Reel Planet Bass says:

Turd Burger Snake Spot guy!
Good stuff Bro! Thumbs up

7citiesfishing says:

weve had snow past few days, finally warmed up bout to head out and fish

Lowndes County Boys says:

Hey can someone please check out my channel and give some positive feedback, maybe even sub if you like my vids. 😀

Ronnie Keates says:

I love your videos, but I enjoyed the older intro better. It really drove home the “realisitic” part of the fishing more than the new intro does.

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