Fishing Tips : How to Use Bobbers

In fishing, a bobber keeps the bait on the surface and away from the bottom, and when a fish bites the bobber will pull down. Find out how to set up a fishing rod to use a bobber with help from a fishing trainer in this free video on using bobbers in fishing.

Expert: Mark The Shark
Bio: Captain Mark The Shark is an expert on charter fishing for any type of fish.
Filmmaker: Paul Muller


frankenstrat25 says:

@rzyalik spinners carolina rigs and bobbers are all different and all work. bobbers with just plain old worms or salmon eggs work. carolina rigs you cud use power bait worms eggs jst about anything a trout would bite on. and spinners are just a lure. if you want more bites on that just put a worm on the hook

Harinda Gamage says:

nice and simple short straight to the point NOT too much taking. THANK YOU very MUCH

Frank West says:

you are the shark.

colton neal says:

i’d use a braided fiber line that doesn’t fray as easily because the bobber sliding up and down the line as well as the pressure exerted when you have a fish can break mono or fluorocarbon. But don’t just use braid all the way down to the hook just tie on a leader!

Paul Lieb says:

Check out BulletBobbers – the only bobbers you can steer.

Kane Limburg says:


Renegade12 says:

Thanks Mark the Shark

Ruvim Zyalik says:

are bobers, carolina rigs, or spinners best for trout


Very helpful thank you!

alexmejia18 says:

@narwals27 lol hahahahaha!

Leon Liu says:

really helpful video, thank you so much.

EquestriaKnight234 says:

What do you do when those things fill with water?


Mark the Shark…sick name and video! Thumbs up.

Andrew Pino says:


Rainbow Dash says:

Why bottom

Jessica Nile says:

no not rlly, but they put up a rlly good fight. if you want a good fish to eat try crappie

MrCy101 says:

simple straight to the point…foolproof
thank you

tam says:

Thanks Mark the Shark. Going lake fishing and I had no idea how to use the bobbers my friend told me to buy.

TrustNone35 says:

Thanks Mark the Shark!

Daniel Basdeo says:

keep up the good vids !

Paul B says:

I subbed as soon as he said, I’m mark the shark

Ian W says:

thanks for the post. honestly i didnt know how to use the bobbers correctly.

Mack Freeze says:

your fingers keep getting in the way when you attempt to show how your are rigging the top of the bobber.

Paul Lieb says:

For a more advanced and more fun fishing slip rig a BulletBobber and you can steer it where you want and fish at the depth you want.

Nigel Menezes says:

Thanks so much. Clear precise and short n sweet.

alexmejia18 says:

@CaneFu your face is clueless

CaneFu says:

This guy is clueless.

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