Fishing Floats for Less Than 15 Cents? 3D Printed Bobbers (STLs included)

I designed these fishing floats in Fusion 360 and printed them on the Anet A8 3D printer. Most of the process is pretty straight forward, if you want to see a tutorial on their design I can make a short walk though video in a future post. Basically it is just a 1 profile sketch of the profile of the float and then revolved around the center axis.

Depending on your printer you should be able to print these floats out without supports and the line keeper should print around the shaft just fine. I use foam backer rod in 5/8″ inch and 3/8″ diameter for the inside of the floats to aid in flotation just in case there were some layers that have separated and let water into the main body of the float. So far they have worked really well and I have not experienced any issues. I printed them in PETG and in PLA but be aware that if PLA gets too hot in direct sunlight it can warp so it may disfigure if subjected to very high temperatures. If your tackle box is not clear plastic you should be fine it’s just something to keep in mind. ABS would be the best filament to print these with if you have the ability.

I have posted these files to thingiverse if you are interested in printing out some yourself, you can find the files here:

If you do print these and use them please let me know through social media or email!

Thanks for watching! Keep your amps up and your filament dry!


Gear I use and like enough to recommend if you’re looking. Prices are based on current pricing for April 2018 they may change by the time you see these links: (Affiliate links)

Anet A8 3D Printer (safety upgrades mandatory if you decide on this printer; solder heat bed wires, add fuse power switch, mosfet for heat bed and print heater wire stress relief)
—–Gearbest US warehouse ($179.26 USD):
—–Banggood US and CN warehouse ($174.99 USD):
——-Banggood CN warehouse Silicone Wire for upgrade ($3.66) 16 AWG:
—– eTopxizu 30 amp 360 watt power supply is suitable for the PSU upgrade. (non-affiliate):
—–Hot bed mosfet Banggood US warehouse ($7.82 USD):

Creality3D CR-10 3D printer:
—–Banggood US warehouse ($359.99 USD):
—–Gearbest US warehouse ($389.99 USD):

80 cm camera slider:
—–Banggood US warehouse ($41.99 USD):
—–Gearbest CN warehouse ($45.25 USD):

Extra 3D printer 0.4 mm nozzles:
—–Gearbest CN warehouse (6 nozzles) ($5.85 USD):
—–Banggood US warehouse (5 nozzles) ($5.42 USD):

Zomei Q555 tripod or equivalent:
—–Gearbest (coming soon link):
—–Gearbest, Zomei Q666 (slightly more adjustment) ($84.41 USD):
—–Banggood CN warehouse ($86.41 USD):

Canon EOS Rebel power supply for battery slot:
—–Banggood CN warehouse ($11.68 USD):

Music used in video:


John Fisher says:

Thanks for the autofocus on the desk. Nice looking prints. Get your lines wet.

Crazy Fish Boss says:

we need more fishing gear prints Big up

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