Fishing Basics: Fishing Bobber Types and How To Use Bobbers

How to use fishing bobbers and different fishing bobber types.

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SURGE1898 says:

I love when people go back to basics on anything. There’s always new guys and the guys with experience can always brush up a bit. Thanks man,good stuff.

BigRigFishingAndOutdoors says:

I’m Ganna go buy one of those slimmer bobbers now

Jose Romero says:

what is the appropriate distance between the bobber and the hook/bait?

Wesley Merritt says:

How far away should I put the bobbers from my hook?

Brock Matusiak says:

2:03 SNAP :p

Netom28 says:

That’s some good information! Thanks for the video.

Dakota Duncan says:

Do he break his stick bobber

Bloodfrost Gaming says:

The slip bobber was helpful. Thanks. Didn’t know traditional did that with fish.

Arvydas Grundulas says:

Did you just break what slim float 😀

Basic_Fishing says:

nice video lol using the bobber was not easy for me especially during my childhood XD i only recently started to catch fish with the bobber.

George Reid says:

Thank you. Nice instructive video. All my life I have never used any bobber but have wondered about then. The second one you showed I had always wondered just how it went on the line and you have taught this old guy something new. I guess I don’t get to die today.

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