Fishing 101 – How to Use the Hide-a-Hook Bobber™

In this video, Gene Ellison shows how easy it is to use the Shakespeare Hide-a-Hook Bobber™. It is designed to make fishing safer for kids (and parents!).



Steve Bovard says:

Getting snagged by a hook is a great character building experience for kids. What have we become? Everything now has to be put into your hands without any work, care or risk. Thanks for nothing Shakespeare.

Wal mouz says:

You made me wanting to be a kid again!!

LethalBassin says:

Can Shakespeare send me some tackle I am a favorite of your company

Violet Medina says:

this is great, now i can take my 3 year old fishing and i dont have to worry about a hook to the face while im not looking lmao

Marc Bowen says:

I really like the Hide-A-Hook bobbers, but I don’t like the way they are rigged out of the package. Little kids don’t care how big the fish are, just that they’re catching fish, and I have found that the jighead hooks inhibit smaller fish from being hooked. Also, I think the leader that comes on the right is too long, which makes it ungainly and difficult for little folks to cast. I think the line used for it is also too heavy & gets coiled and kinked sitting wrapped up in the package.
Here’s how I use them:
I cut the jighead hook off the leader & put it with my crappie jigs and Beetle Spinners. I throw the line and plastic ring away (I haven’t found a use for the ring yet). I put a bobber stop knot ND bead on the line of the kid’s pole. I tie a small hook on the end of the line, and crimp a small split shot on the line right against the knot. The hook and split shot are small enough to slide up in the bobber, allowing it to cover the hook. The stop knot allows the bobber to be set at any depth, and also let’s the kid reel the rig in enough to make it easier to cast.

L.I. Archer says:

Hide-a-hook?  The further pussification of American kids.  It builds character to get a hook stuck in one’s finger every now and then.  It teaches them to be more careful around equipment that can hurt them.  Ugh.

Joseph Wise says:

I seen it at calblas and basspro shop also Wal-Mart but never got a round to get hide hook bober. 🙁 thanks for the tip thoe 🙂 make a good video when I go fishing with shakespeare l dipd on it working well. Please do more videos l will subscribe to them all.:-)

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