Fishhound Product Review: Fishing Ammo Shell Bobbers

A few months back Jeff and Dusty were duck hunting and after firing the shotgun they noticed the empty shotgun shell floating in the water perfectly like a fishing bobber. After a week they had a working prototype and within weeks they started collecting the empty shotgun shells from local gun ranges and building them into what is now known as The ShellBobber (Patent Pending).

After having success in local Bait and Tackle shops they decided to make The ShellBobber available to everyone! This is the perfect gift for the fisherman or hunter in your family so place your order now – we know you will love it!

You can test and keep your own at:

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Matto says:

So im glad i came here.cause since i watched the episode of shark tank where this product was featured.i was under the impression.that you actually fire this bobber out of the shotgun.and after discovering that it doesnt work as i imagined it to.the idea itself seems pretty dumb to me.

Slumlord Shady says:

Don’t hate he might have gotten more and he does them for points which you should do hes fine


why didnt you take them out and put them in a bowl or water or something? you never take em out of the pack!

William Morris says:

wow flair that hair though

Shadow X says:

You think some criminal or rebel could re convert these to live rounds in a restricted country?

allVIDEOposter says:

The point of it laying on its side is so that when you get a bite it stands straight up

Matt Summers says:

He does them because that’s what fishound sent him to do a review on. So he has to do a review then he gets more free stuff after he does a review on what he got in his unboxing.

vlun121 says:

thanks for sharing. I had no idea what these things were, even after seeing that episode. I’m not a fisherman.

joshua O'brien says:

you already posted this

Zergosss says:

nice review, thank you

farkkis says:

last day i was drinking champange in the forest,day after i was so hungry and had no bobber even i was planing to go fishing.
so i just made a bobber from champange cork,im genious.

cjkriebel says:

Use a shotgun shell caseing you have laying around.

Joseph Cuna says:

Nice job man

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