Bobber Fishing For Flathead Catfish

After a bad storm, Dryw and I hit the water and tried our luck for some flathead catfish. We set two rods out on the bottom and rigged two rods with the Muddy River Catfishing Bobber. The bobbers caught all the fish that night. We baited the bobbers with live bluegill and the bottom rigs with fresh cut bait. The first flathead catfish looked a lot like a catfish from a previous video. Do you guys think its the same fish? Here’s the video:

Here’s a list of some of the gear we used in this video:

Outboard Motor:
Spinning Reel:
Spinning Reel:
Camera Light:
Minnow Bucket:

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Mason Morrison says:

Great video

Raquel Dela Cruz says:

sow berry titi

The Cat Crew123 says:

how do you catch so many

bighook says:

another awesome video i really love that river wish i could fish there just once ive been catching lots of catfish but realy want to catch a flathead (bighook365)

Charlie Watch list says:

Where are u fishing?

SoDak River Rats says:

How far below the float was the bait?

Lorenzo Samudio says:

what happen to the lights u put around the boat

Chad Riner says:

Are those homemade bobbers or bought if bought where at very interesting

Chad Riner says:

Thanks man great vidio

Strafe Gaming says:

Where can I get your catfish hat

deer slayer says:


wnyfishergirl says:

Great video Kris!!!!

Dak 88 says:

About how deep is the water and how deep are you fishing your bobber?

charles cameron says:

Damn Kris, where the heck is your scale ? Those are some nice cats brother, Fish On !!

The Cat Crew123 says:

muddyrivercatfishing how do you catch so many Big Fish I can’t even catch a 10 pound fish

The Serial Fisher says:

I need to get one of those bobbers. Nice fish, man!!!

Nigel Wasil says:

I just ordered a couple of those bobbers on Amazon. If you are sponsored by them, get some credit!

Alfredo Herrera says:

Hey I live in las cruces NM and you should try to catch fish in the river

The Cat Crew123 says:


blaze5053 says:

A good rain wakes them up

Country Girl Catfishing says:

We just got hammered here in Muskogee with a huge storm ….
Our trip was amazing the fishing not so much!! Your video was awesome as usual !!

Manny Montero says:

Good job bro! It’s a different fish.

xNadeh 1 says:

He let dinner go Bru

Ruben Galvan says:

Instead of sharing a moment with the fish, I would rather share some Caldo with friends.

Trevor Johnson says:

How do u make ur bobbers

Yannie Chingas Adventures says:

Hey Kris where do you fish at? What’s the name of that pond? What location is that at?

Derek Gonzales says:

Would be awesome if you did a video on the Gila River around the Kearny/Winkleman Arizona area!

michael graves says:

Looked like a zip tie tag in when you put it back, pretty interesting idea. Have you ever caught one you tagged?

Reel Brothers Fishing says:

Nice tactic here haha!

Southern Fisherman says:

Great vid there Kris like Always and drew

Dieter Melhorn Fishing says:

Hey Kris, I gave you a shoutout about your bush hook / gripper thing in my live feed last night. That looks pretty cool. I don’t know if you sell those things or not, but that looks pretty cool. Thanks for the mention in the video buddy, and welcome to all the folks from Muddy River Catfishing that stopped by my channel. If you watch long enough you will see me give Kris a hard time about them rattlesnakes he dodges out there….LOL!!

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