Best BOBBER for Crappie Fishing?! | How to CATCH crappie with a bobber

This balsa wood bobber may be the best bobber for catching finicky biting crappie. It can easily tell when crappie are on that negative bite so you can boat some slabs.

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CatfishCarl says:

Cool video. Are you just looking for structure on the bottom and casting over it?

Alan L Lee says:

Flopping Crappie, it would have been nice for you to show and explain to viewers on how to rig the bobber.

jeff young says:

Great tip.

Tyler Lachaussie says:

Lots of small crappie on cedar this year. Fun to catch with the kids at least.

VH F says:

Do you use a medium, medium light or light rods for crappie fishing?

Wyldwen says:

fake bait worked .. but .. tiny bait = tiny catch .. going to try this at my lake with my ultralight setup .. should be fun and easier than keeping live bait for pan fish

James Nichols says:

I put a crappie nibble on the point of the hook weather using a jig or a minnow the nibble along with other bait increases the bite

OpenSource Dev says:

Hey, you said you saw them suspended 10 feet down. Did you see them on the sonar and if so, could you do a video of what that looks like ?

Security Officer says:

Rocket bobber works great too

Chris Mendoza says:

Dude crappie nibbles suck I use crappie jigs

007 Outdoors says:

thill makes some great floats that’s all I use. try using the thill mini shy bite floats they are even more sensitive than the spring float you were using great for detecting the negative bite

steven gray says:

What kind of camera do you use I’m shopping for something that I could be happy with but not very expensive any tips would be helpful


I make my own ‘porcupine quill with a wine bottle cork’ float.

Trout Paladin says:

I caught crappie on cutbait

Ty Clark says:

You don’t happen to live in northern Michigan by chance? Appreciate your thoughts n tips, as I am new to lake fishing. Wyoming boy here. I am wanting to night fish ASAP out of my pa14. I have a boat but it’s too much boat now.

Game Bred Duramax says:

We went fishing today on the shore under a bridge, the sun was right and we could see the hole school, so we was casting a hot pink and lime green jig out and they was hitting every time, about 10 would follow the 1 on the jig all the way up to where I was pulling it out.

James Casteel says:

Great vlog brother.stay safe

hash glass says:

bigger bate bigger fish

Ed Ram says:

You are one big sucker in crappie fishing.

812macdaddy says:

When they bite like that it usually means  you are fishing to deep.  They go down for the bait and come back up with it

honkeykong 1985 says:

Great info on the “negative bite.”” Never knew about that! You got a sub!

Be Awesome Outdoors says:

We love crappie fishing too! Please check us out. I’m a big fan of the spring bobber.

EvilKabuki says:

Best bobber I’ve ever used is a quill bobber. Good luck finding them

Ben Wicker says:

Ain’t c no bobber .

Ty PigPatrol says:

Great info, sir!

David Hill says:

I never thought about just using crappie nibbles alone. I’ve always used it with some type of plastic.

Nc Hemi says:

Love using the crappie nibbles

All Seasons Panfishing says:

Good tip on the pencil bobber. The ascending bite is hard to detect. Same in ice fishing- line goes slack vs. traditional bite. I hope to acquire your editing skills one day.

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