Bait fishing with bobbers – Float fishing – how to catch fish with bobber

Bait fishing with bobbers, float or strike indicators. How to catch fish. Float fishing. Fishing with a bobber.

The hooksetters bobber (the one that takes the glow bracelets)

How to tie a stopper knot and my other favorite fishing knots

6 Bank Fishing Hacks


Dannyboy says:

What’s the best float with cast distances? I fish for striper and where I fish there’s a lots of spots where I get snagged so I’m getting tired of losing tackle so only option now is a good float with good range help me out plz?

William Combs says:

SUPER helpful video! Full of ideas. Keep it up

DPS 08 says:

I need some floats I only have 3 two on my rods one one just laying arond

KamRants says:

I’d use those carp weights from China for bluegill

Larry G says:

nice to see another virginia boy.I live in southwest. virginia so it’s. new river for me.

Dante Frierson says:

ive literally replayed min8:15-8:30 5times lol great video by the way

Luke Outdoors says:

Can you send me some bobbers

db9330911 says:

how do I put on the Chinese floats. I just got them in the mail with no instructions I’m anxious to try them. Can’t find any tips online. Love your channel. By the way I saw them on your bobber video beginning at 6:55

Fabian van den Bussche says:

my girlfriend actually denies any other way of fishing… she’s a “bobber 4 life” type… it’s amazing though how it works on every fish if done right xd


It’s a wagler not a pencil float I’m a British carp fisher

Gamer90000 says:

Does this also apply to saltwater?

Joey Ferguson says:

hi luke i love your vidioes and have subscribed i love how your channel doesnt just focus on fishing you have fun and family time to i think thats all that matters

TheOneThatGotAwayAngling says:

When he said “ride in the water” I briefly imagined a group of floats riding on water horses.

Will Luu says:

the bluegill in my area are super pressured so i need to use a balsa float


Great video..
Thanks for posting

Roy Donaldson says:

Seems as though only parts of his video have sound. Can see his lips moving . I’m not a mind reader to hear the teaching! I could have enjoyed the video had it been good quality!

Gary Wilson says:

dear catfish and carp, I’m a 13 year old boy with one leg and I love to fish. I remember in one of your videos you were giving away one of your poles, and I really wanted one. in my house we have 1 pole and 6 family members and I never get a chance to use it… can you pleeeeaaaasssseeee donate one of your rod and reels to us. we would really appreciate it if you would… just think about it pleases

lukeee harvell says:

my name is Luke too

Era Sue Jones says:

I dident know you could fish with a basketball

James Palmer says:

lefties for the win

David Fritz says:

The “striper” bobbers with the rubber break-away and swivel… where can I get those or what are they commonly called? Thanks for the great videos!

Ryan Leach says:

another great video

Ram Kumar says:

staper seiase

Random Profile says:

With the British floats you put it through the hole at the bottom not at the top and bottom

kevin stearns says:

Love the video Luke

cr0cket01 says:

the self made float we make like that or from quills and stuff we use a pair of float rubbers then just put line through them this also makes it easier to move up and down line without weakening line (sometimes done with taking weights on and of) . the self cocking waggler that you used tape on we dont do it like that we put a weight either side of the hole you put line through. another way we do uses no weights we make a hoop in the line then push the hoop through the eye in float pull up and over and it in place

Dee Piper says:

This is a great video. I have been fishing with round bobbers all my life. I like making the pencil bobber with a straw. I used to use all kinds of things when I was a kid to make bobbers similar to this. I like this one the most , and it looks easy to make and use. Luke you and your channel are definitely one of the best sources of practical fishing methods, techniques, etc that I have found.

Tiaan B says:

what type of line are you using

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