YETI LoadOut Bucket at ICAST 2017

TackleDirect brings you the new YETI LoadOut Bucket at ICAST 2017, in Orlando, FL.

ICAST is the world’s largest sport fishing trade show, featuring new fishing gear rods, reels, lures, terminal tackle, apparel and accessories. The TackleDirect Production Crew is live at ICAST from July 12 – July 14, 2017, capturing new and innovative products from over 690 fishing brands, including Shimano, Penn, Daiwa, YETI, and more.

Join the TackleDirect crew at the 2017 ICAST Show in Orlando, Florida. Don’t forget to check out our ICAST 2017 Product page for the newest fishing tackle and gear released exclusively during ICAST.

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FranksTube86 says:

this won the “Best Boat Accessory” category??! was it the only item in that category? think of it, a bucket won! lol c’mon iCast that’s embarrassing, this seriously discredits every other winner.

Cho Tube says:

nobody likes sea foam…

Paddle Tales says:

Yeti getting greedy.

Roy Stenstrom says:

When does it come out?

Dylan Seay says:

just who the Fuck would buy a $40 Bucket? i mean who the fuck does that???

jer bo says:

the slogan is: ” Fuck it, buy a Yeti bucket”

DeltaProMaster Lauj says:

I have a whole bunch of these 5 gallon buckets laying around in the backyard…..does the same shit without the “Yeti” logo! Let me know and I’ll ship you one for free instead of paying $40 for a freaking bucket!!!!

John A says:

All you guys botching. Yes it’s a bucket. No vapor lock.. that’s only good if you’re buying two… and I doubt that. But…. it comes in 4 colors including yeti’s popular sea foam. Now that’s worth it. How long did it take to find a guy who could go on camera and not break up laughing while explaining features and benefits… that’s the story here.

john foy says:

unfuckinbelievable.whos ass got greased for this one winning? you can buy a bucket and a tool belt and accomplish the same thing for 10$.

WestLikeTheDirection says:

Check out the deal I found lol! 3 for the price of this one.. they even come with a lid. Yeti accessories sold separately.. lmao

snakemonkey555 says:

Ahhhhh, to each his own. Wanna drive an Impala or a Vette, both get you from point A to B.

Plutonium says:

This is embarrassing…

Elite Moon Unit Zappa says:

It’s actually a good item with the bearfoot grip.

Code 1 Outdoors says:

It would really hurt to take a shit in a 40 dollar bucket. I’ll stick to the home depot specials. Thanks.

Capt Daves Sportfishing Charters says:


Brian Armstrong says:

Affordability sold separately

indybob770 says:

Come on guys……$40 bucks for a 5 gallon bucket???????

S.M.C. Kennels says:

C’mon, this has to be a joke, right?! Is it April 1’st? Apparently this is the bucket you use when you milk your elk!

Steve Tucker says:

Go to home depot and buy a bucket with a tool caddy insert and hold more than this one… People been doing it for years….

Sig Outdoors says:

Check out my bucket I made for my kayak on my channel. O think I spent maybe $8 for it with rod holders.

Flatzout says:

you wanna make millions ? create a catchy name and make the product desirable to all of the wannabees….

MinnowXP says:

“at an affordable price point, @39.99!”

joe parrillo says:

On, for a second there I thought we were talking about a FUCKING BUCKET.

Ray C says:

I wonder if the guys at Yeti do this as joke and see what consumers say or even buy it.

Damon Outdoors says:

I’m a YETI fan but I can say this is overkill. Once you load it out with accessories it will be a ridiculous price. I’ll use the YETI cooler as my “load out”

Henk Carpentry says:

it’s a freaking bucket

A's Kayak says:

Affordable price $40 dollars. LMAO

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