Wish.com Fishing Gear Review Tackle and Spinning Reel DK 3000

I’ve ordered several things form this website that I am reviewing products from in this video. The spinning reel I am displeased with is a DK 3000 and the seller was Yi Wu Yun Nong LTD on wish.com.

The reel worked fine for about ten fishing trips. Then one day I was catching small lady fish from a south Florida beach and the gears inside the reel started making a funny noise. That’s when I decided to review the product. The product lasted about two months and ten days. That’s terrible in my opinion. I spent about twenty one dollars, including shipping on the spinning reel.

When I set up the lights for the video I decided to pull out some fishing lures and fluorocarbon line I’d gotten from wish.com where I’d been deceived by the seller.

I highlight in this video some small spoons I purchased, guitar strings, headlamp, circle hooks, spinning reel and a small top water lure.

The website has some really great deals, but you have to be careful of being deceived by photographs and product descriptions.

For instance, I ordered 30Lb test fluorocarbon line, brand name JackFish. The Jack Fish product actually is only about 10lb. test line. I was extremely disappointed when I received the shipment.

Anyway, be very careful if you decided to order things from wish.com. I’d say that I’ve only been pleased with three out of about ten purchases from that website. The bad thing about ordering from them is you have to pay shipping to return the items. Supposedly when you order items they are coming from China, but the returns are to some place in the United States.

They have a lot of fishing gear, tackle, line and reels on their website. Definitely stay way from the DK 3000 ball bearing spinning reel. It’s total junk.


Supreme Fishing says:

Nice vid. I’ve seen a lot of the reels on the wish but I don’t think I would buy. I buy a lot of fly fishing materials on there.

Gman Mule says:

come on man you should know better… I always pay attention to the specs and make sure you get the right size number what have you. I I have tried those sites I’d rather pay the extra $5 and go through a reputable company. Or like you said just go to Walmart… LOL

john foy says:

If u want a cheap reel try the okuma stratus.dicks has em on sale every so often for 1/2 price so you can get one for 30$.i had it for a few yrs before i had to even oil it.it was better performer than my shimano stradics.i had to replace all my line roller bearings in the shimanos in less than a year.and i repair and maintain all my own reels.i wont be buyin anymore shimanos.it was well worth the money.my buddy bought two and he loves em

TheOpelkoenjas says:

I think it depends on how you handle and treat your gear too, not just the quality of the product only. Of course, the products on wish are mostly knockoffs – if not all and will never last as long as the real deal, but getting a sturdy reel for 20-30 bucks, including shipping…. I’d say that isn’t such a bad deal at all. Specially for beginners who are completely new to the fishing scene and need to learn a few things before buying the more expensive real deal: if they screw up it won’t feel like they just lost their entire savings. Or for people that only fish to keep/eat: those reels will last a long time since they won’t be casting and wheeling them in all day long (hopefully).

Also, on Wish, buying a bit heavier reel won’t cause harm, just like their braid etc: they never meet the mentioned description either. I always go for the 6000 series AT LEAST when it comes to reels and 60-80lb for the lines (depends if it’s braid or mono). That way I’m more confident that the reel won’t fail on me or that the lines will snap as easily when hauling in a bigger one. A bit bulky looking on the spool, and sometimes a sooner death of a guide – nothing that can’t be quickly fixed, but with 6000-9000 big reels it doesn’t really matter anyway if the line is thicker (bigger spools can take more line).

I do like their artificial lures too, to be honest. Can’t say that I have something to complain about them other then the long delivery time (most of the times 2-3 weeks, Western Europe here). Their hooks on the other hand…. oh boy. They aren’t of a bad quality, they actually hold up pretty good even in salt water, but in most cases they are way WAY smaller than advertised. But hey, sometimes even on a small hook you can make the catch of the month, right? 🙂


4 DA KIDZ Fishing says:

Good stuff

Orlos The Druid says:

I have found a reel that I absolutely LOVE as a solid economic spinning reel for saltwater….handles up to 36″ sharks and 30ish inch redfish like a champ……Shimano IX 4000. Yup, a Shimano. Awesome reel, leass than $15 usually, SHIPPED!

They last for a good 3 years or so and then you recycle them and get a new one. No sense tearing it apart to service, just get a new one and recycle the old. Great reel if you fish mainly for fish 10lbs and under.

Last Cast says:

I got a Japanese real on ebay. “Penn battle” knock off. I lose tackle too often when going kayaking offshore for tarpon. 14$ free shipping. Never cleaned, just rinsed it. Worked better than the Wal-Mart quantum I bought to compare . Lasted the summer til I lost it in the surf, which I knew would happen. Some of those reels are worth the money. I also lost a spinfisher and 2 battles. (My friends lose them). A lot easier to say good bye to cheap ebay reels. The cheap Japanese reel caught over 50 4ft sharks and landed an estimated 150lb tarpon and 2 small kingfish. The braided line I got with it (brave fisherman) was rated 80lb. Used a 35lb weight and snapped it easily. 20lb power pro held strong. Never know. Great reviews and thanks for your videos. I’m on the east coast and love seeing west coast action.

desh naidoo says:

These reels are more rated for your panfish, not jacks and snook and the bigger game fish. Get a little 3000 size with a 7ft rod, target the smaller species like mangrove snapper or sheepshead and you won’t be disappointed. I ordered a reel called a yumoshi for $12, had it for almost a year now, easily caught over 200 fish with it, just give it a rinse after a days worth of fishing and it’s still going strong. Great review tho

thefoxez says:

My experience with wish is you have to read everything like it’s a contract to make sure it all adds up to exactly what your buying. If there are some discrepancies then guaranteed your going to get something different. Same with the display pics. If there is even one pic that shows something simular but not the same as the opening pic then again your guaranteed to get something different. I have used these examples and bought a few items and about 98% of the time get exactly what it is I’m buying. If there are any discrepancies in the description or pics I don’t even bother

Daniel Lopez says:

I order all my stuff form tackledirect.com

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