Why You Should Be Fishing a Spooltek- Lure Review!

The Spooltek lure has struck the fishing community by storm. See why in this in depth video analyzing what makes it so effective!
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Sabita Ramjattan says:

what kind of conventional reel or baitcasting reel would u recommend for those spoolteks

Trevor Sowers says:

Yea because when i set the hook i want me hook to give 15″, and i definatly wanna fish a 20$ lure. Lol

Austin Dunn says:

catching snook with the SpoolTek

Broward County says:

I’ve had spooltek for a while and just now figured out they have a leader

seanfishingtexas says:

Is the spool plastic or metal

Alexandre .St-Onge says:

im actually fishing stripped bass in Gaspesie, Qc with Storm Live henring. I’ma try to get these spooltek cause it’s true with common swimbaits when the fish headshake he can get away. My ration is 71 landed for 13 loosed and some at 3ft of the beach.

Jr407 Jr407 says:

I got a question why when you retract The wire leader it doesn’t go back?? Can you make another video that could go back

Connor Demart says:

Thinking about buying one which color is best for snook

Dustin Johnson says:

Dude isn’t very nonchalant about playing retard is he

Dailey Life Fishing says:

Nice lures but man they will rust easy. Rinse and dry them off right after

Jose Parras says:

I really enjoy watching all of your videos.. I’m from Texas and I’m new to shark fishing can you guys make a video talking about your rigs and baits and maybe kayaks that ya’ll use.

Juan Ramos says:

Would you have to set the hoot harder because of how much leader comes out of the lure ? because I feel like when you set the hoot you at like 10″ of slack come out instead of straight up hook

Lax Slayr says:

Make a jig fishing episode

Roach says:

I still wouldn’t go too light on the leader since snook tend to inhale their food..20-25 lb flouro is minimum I go for snook.very cool though.How long do these lures last?

Ryan Walks says:

Hey can u make a video on snook combos ?

Emmanuel Rivera says:

I bet you fish with that at Sebastian Inlet you’ll be fishing with those storm baits by the middle of the day lol

Alex Sigala says:

Do u have any suggestions tho becuz every spooltek I’ve owned has rusted out on me, do u have any tips on preventing it? and by the way I wash all my lures I use and hooks when I get back from fishing trips

Dustin B says:

Rather you guys just talk about the lures than have one guy act retarted and act like he knew nothing and ask questions. Kinda annoying to watch

Gary Galbrecht says:

Anyone that fishes for snook knows that the danger of cut offs is not the mouth, it’s the razor sharp gill plates that cause most cut offs.

Jacob Peters says:

Best overall color and size ?

Hulagu Kahn says:

LIfe bait, Life bait, Life bait anyone? I got a ton of crap that fish just laughs at me all day. Now I got a secret weapon for the bastards in the canals. Bow and Arrow fishing, No more waiting and no mess with stupid bait. Who is laughing now???

Adam Pezzelle says:

Twitch 00:45

Supreme Fishing says:

Just got one today at bass pro. They had the pink colored one on clearance so i got it. Do you catch snook on that one?

TheKingeric11 says:

Wouldn’t the fact the weighted jig is a foot out of the fishes mouth, even though you aren’t supposed to have any slack in the line although it happens sometimes, wouldn’t that slack actually give the fish a better chance of tossing the hook by using the weight of jig thats a foot in front of the hook?

Doug Black says:

Ok…dude…believe me…save your money and buy a bag of swimbaits… while they catch fish…they are way over priced and losing them hurts…I’ve done the field test on both coast… They will hit a swim bait just as readily as they will hit a spooltek…trust me. They aren’t worth the money…unless your trying to earn a sponsorship by singing their praises you wouldn’t use it

Ryan Izquierdo says:

Can you make a tutorial makeout video?

Grill 'n' thrill says:

“So SpoolTek pulls out but we don’t” that might be my senior quote

Jon W says:

Just patiently waiting for some 4″ fattys lol

Noah_561 says:

Do u guys fish fluorocarbon with the Spooltek

Bassman Dan says:

One of my spooltek’s leaders actually jammed into the spool, so I had to go buy a new one. Do you have any tips on how to prevent it from happening?

LethalAids says:

Penn senator 112h2 on a ugly stick tiger with 65 ib braid or the same rod and line with the jigmaster also do you have a better set up for me for around 200$ or less thanks!

errldabbins says:

@3:55 Dudes come on…the tails are not “much more durable.” Tail durability is a big disappointment. Unless you have a couple replacement packs you wont be fishing long.

Darius Agollari says:

Nice video man

saltpro says:

what action do you do with spoolteks do you fish bottom and if so how do you prevent getiing snagged because i often fish powerbaits for snooks because if i fish the bottom and get snagged its not a big deal to lose a lure that costs like a buck.

Sal Ordonia says:

I got one of the small spool Tek lures I pulled the leader out to see how it worked and i tried to winded back in, I could not get the hook to lock in I gave it so many tries that my hands hurt. I’m not likely to get a nother one

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