Why a Hybrid Fish?

iSurfTribes opinion on why we like hybrid fish surfboards, Atua’s comparison & a general guide to outfitting a beginner/intermediate with one.
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Kynan Hosie says:

Q and a hi guys I have tried swapping boards with a couple of my freinds one was a 5,4 and one was a 5’0 I was more comfortable on the 5,4 I’m 12 years old and I weigh about 35 kg im from Australia and I’m 4 foot 9 any tips on a surfboard dimensions thanks guys I watch all your videos and I really like them

Emma J says:

Hi, I surf a 6’5 x 18 7/8 x 2 5/8. I am a beginner/intermediate surfer and weigh 130lb and 5’5 tall. Do you think this is a good board for me? p.s love your channel!

Miss Mansfield says:

I am 5 feet tall and around 105lbs and a beginner still I think. I like two foot waves but am reaching for three feet. What should I buy?

Michael Macdonald says:

What do I do when I want to go surfing when on my period. I’m afraid of sharks getting attracted to me, and biting my vagina. Any help?

Trevor Rutzke says:

im into surf life the endless summer bc im a hippy ✌… anyway how important is longboard size? can anyone just hop on a 9 footer and be alright?

Brendan McMurrer says:

you guys should do a video prepping for that big swell about to hit Costa Rica. Looks pretty big

Anonymoose says:

With the repair you were making, depending on the plastic used in the mount, you might get better strength by filling that cavity around the screw with epoxy. Superglue only works in repairs where it’s a microscopic layer between two pieces that match perfectly, and some plastics don’t like it at all.

Showing my ignorance, when I saw the video title I thought we were going to see a new hybrid *fish* native to Costa Rica. Little knowing that it wasn’t a fish at all. Duh…

I can talk all day about tunnels and channeling, and length versus your own weight as it relates to competition water skis, but when it comes to surfboards, my cat knows about as much about them as I do. LOL

Fascinating video!

Oscar Erzetich says:

great video

Stiaan Fasen says:

Hey i weight 120 pounds & im a beginner . Which surfboard type & size is best for me ??

frank crowley says:

whats all of your favorite size waves to ride and favorite boards. ps love the videos and they’ve help me out alot. keep on keeping on

Mark Conway says:

Guys are amazing man !

Matt Landie says:

I’m 5’1 100 and love my 5’8 Mark Richards quad hybrid fish, I just wish it were smaller

Robin L. Moe says:

Aloha kakou.. Mai Hawaiki o Hawaii Nei.. Love it.. And now to the Surftribe ” for the daily local surf report.. Costa Rica .. love you 🙂 aloha o ohana ia Makouli’i’o Lani Moe.. Ho’o’ manao na mele o naka ia.. Cheri Moana Marie.. Me ke aloha.. Dedicate an old school jam to the tribe and the Costa Rifas.. 🙂 Te amo.. Cherryl Moana Marie..

Edgar Mendes says:

I love you guys

Autistic Guitar says:

so the only downside to a fish is that you cant duckdive it as easily? Arent there any other downsides?

Susan Overson says:

Dumb question, why do shortboards always have a pointy nose as it seems potentially more dangerous than a slightly rounded one?

Andres says:

Hey I want to learn how to surf but the waves here in florida are kind of small. I was looking into a board by catch surf called the stump because they say it is fun for small waves. Any suggestions?

Kaden Manculich says:

I know this might be a stupid question but I just started surfing and I live near Galveston should I use a short board or a long board the waves there aren’t huge????

Christopher Timm says:

hi Guys. I have a problem, when I catch an unbroken wave I feel as if I’m going to fast to do a pop up. This is on about a 5 foot wave. my friend says I should paddle at a 45 degree angle to the wave. Any thought’s?

Jamie says:

what GoPro do you guys use?

Syphonex says:

What size surf board should I get if I am 5 feet one inches

Brandon Logan says:

I got a 5’8 almerrick fishcuit

Pablo Siesta says:

sandflies! We call them Midgee’s in australia..they suck

Kyle Brooks says:

I’m about to buy a hybrid fish as my first board, I hope it’s a good choice, I weigh 187lbs, I am 5’10, the board is 6’6 / 20 3/4 inches/ 2 3/4 inches with 39.1L of volume

Kauri Clark says:

who else actually liked the like button when he paused hahah

CokePopLabs says:

Hey im 13, 4’7″ and i weigh 75 pounds, I have a 5’7″ hybrid fish board and I have never gone surfing before, is that a good board to learn on (I dont want to learn on a longboard).

Luiz Gabriel Nogueira says:

Nice video guys. Is really cool seeing those kids growing up!
Good luck on the contests!
Aloha from Brazil!

Veektory K says:

VidCon, nice!

Brian McNeil says:

Nice review guys! =)

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