What’s in my POND FISHING TACKLE BAG?!?!?!

Since the ice is too thin to fish on, I decided to show you what I keep inside of my pond fishing tackle box! I hope you all enjoy!

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Adam Shiek says:

A rigging vid wouldn’t be a bad idea either. Show these kids how to hook up plastics like a Pro!

Landhogoprobeastmode #bulldogs says:

Got a bunch of googan squad mearch

Fishing with Furbee says:

Do more tip videos!

Nuke Kidd says:

Awesome I like all your videos but its cool to know what exact tackle you carry pond fishing because you teach me alot and have landed me good fish off of your tip videos , keep it up bro

outdoor _ lifestyle01 survivalbushcraft says:

Rod & reel arsenal!!!

Brian Coomes says:

I really don’t think he ever goes though with the give away… I myself have never seen him say who won

Charlie Good says:

I’m thinking about buying a tackle bag from you is it durable

James Smallwood says:

He will be in Florida next week

BassGeek says:

Well it was a video.

Clay Matray says:

omg is that bag expensive

Sun Cease says:

It’s a bookbag

Logan Wilson says:

Please do a rod and reel arsenal

Green Ridge Outdoors says:

Who wins the lures and the boat

Chad Lee says:

Give me that shirt

Jerwinn crane says:

I need a bigger fishing bag instantly I have live 5 tackle boxes in a backpack thats on the urge or ripping in half


Come join the Facebook group Fishing Arsenal !!!!

Sam Lorimer says:

why isn’t your googan squad website not Canada?

Fishing the North says:

Great video bud, always good to hear what other people have success with to give people a idea to try out some new lures

mason wilson says:

who is in the googin sqaud

Hallen Ettles says:

i won the boat!!

Skulliez Mckrackin says:

When the backpacks going to be back in stock?

Millers Landing says:


Kjae Milliken says:

What brand Braid line do you use

xxluchianxx says:

Idk how you catch fish with lures or plastics. I’ve caught one bass in 6 years with a white mr twister. I’m always finding myself fishing on bottom with garlic dipped night crawlers lol. Lures seem more exciting but they just never bring me luck.

Anthony Aranda says:

Thanks for the tips

Lachlan Thistlethwaite says:

Baby bass senkos are my favourite, and if it were 1rods bag there would be 20 water bottles in it

Caleb Fain says:

What do you look for on a like u never been on

Mason Lane says:

Love the vids it really helps me become a better fisherman

SiouxPreme Golf says:

Do a best Rod and Reel combo vid, etc… What kind of Reel paired with which kind of Rod best suitable for this type of fishing.

Maybe do a Species Rod with Reel and bait Combo vid. I’m from the North. Actually Canada so up here with fish alot of Walleye, Pike, Pickerel and smaller gold eyes in the fall.

Nathan Rottmann says:

Love these videos

Hallen Ettles says:


Gavin K9612 says:

I love the review and gear bag videos keep up the good work #roadto500,000

cory feely says:

The ponds I fish are 20 ft deep plus

Lawson Frey says:

What kind of hat is that

Eagle Strike says:

What kind of hat are you wearing it looks like a satanist hat

Christian Wood says:

Where do you get your tungsten weights

Jake Fry says:

Clutch dude for sure

Jason Watt says:

Where can I get that wind breaker

The greatest Tbird says:

That was actually interesting I live in Holmes county Ohio we have some monster bass come check it out

Joe Tredway says:

Why not junebug?

Maybelline Yang says:

I fell a sleep

4wheels & Rods n' Reels says:

I like the video, just a very unorganized bag

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