Watch This Before Buying Fishing Tackle!

In this video I discuss the truth regarding the fishing industry and how it portrays fishing tackle.


cayminlast says:

I still have budget combo’s that I bought 10 years ago, rinse with fresh water and service once or twice a year.

Punch Fukker says:

One of my best smallie slayer setups is an old 80’s Ugly Stik light SPL 1101 my uncle hand-me-down’d to me, with a temporary reel borrowed from another combo…. the reel from my Dock Demon Deluxe; not only is that lil plastic Zebco reel perfectly powered for smashing Susquehanna smallies, but it has even banked thrashing 3 foot pikes without peeling any drag on 6# fluoro. To further emphasize your points about being overpriced & overpowered, I’ve even had ten minute battles with 4+ foot muskies on my other smallie setup, a cheap Shimano FXS/IX2000 combo. Those Ugly Stik GX2’s though, I dunno… I just bought the 1-piece 4’9″ heavy spinning rod to throw all my .5-to-1 oz pike/muskie spinners & spoons and to be my go-anywhere-do-it-all beef rod, and I’m sure it’ll live up to the durability legacy of previous generations, but it’s got issues. The laquer/seeler they used around the guide wraps and to coat the guides has a bunch of runny drips in a bunch of places, and that hook keeper is fuckin’ trash; not only is it a huge loop, but it’s perpendicular to the rod and wwwaaaayy to far up the blank!! The second time my braid knotted around the hook keeper it costed me a ¾oz Little Cleo spoon, cut that shit off as soon as I got home. As for lures, I try to keep it all to a single 14×9″ tackle tray and a gallon Ziploc bag of soft plastics, so just about all of it can fit in my shoulder satchel, plus a few different pocket trays for on the go quick fishin’ creek’n’stream hikes.

Joefish DaBass says:

All the ‘Thumbs Down’ are coming from those that already bought pricey gear. Keep an open mind people.

Casey Grant says:

Hillary is going to have this dude offed, if she ever watches this video

Seth Louden says:

Great video I’m going to make my kids watch it

Richard Garcia says:


Rosco says:

I’d like to say that my 750.00 VS275 , is worth every penny and is not very glamours , with its fully machined body and spool to its light weight titanium hardware, lets not forget it stainless steel machined gears … and when I’m pulling out a 40 lbs striper out of the cape cod canal in full flowing tide , I’ll take that glamor all day long .

Panfish says:

I have a guide friend who thinks the same way. Except he uses $20-$30 Okuma Classic’s on B&M catfish rods. Some combos are 5 years old and still going strong. No issues outside of losing them overboard to clients. 20 – 50 pound catfish caught daily and has landed up to 90 pounders. I have another guide friend who wont use anything less than Okuma Komodo SS reels lol…

Silky Jones says:

Get to the point

David Storton says:

Mate here in the UK your Penn reels are EXPENSIVE and the ones we get here are made in China, the cheapest Penn Battle is around the $100.00 mark and Ugly Sticks have a real great tendency to loose the eye centers under pressure (I threw the last one in the sea after it’s THIRD eye did that)

Brett Barr says:

This video doesn’t apply to bass fishing

Slushierlotus 85 says:

The daiwa bg is better then the penn battle and fierce any day

Altex lan says:

Penn reel are junk.

Donald Townsend says:

This is good,but I’m nowhere near the ocean. Biggest fish I ever caught weighed 2.5 lbs. What about light tackle?

Jaime Vega says:

But but but I need my st. Croix and stradic or else fish won’t bite! Lmao! great video!

06armzful says:


Tarpon Hunter Fishing says:

Couldn’t agree more with rod and reel selections. I also fish with Penn reels and ugly stick combos. Throw so.e decent braid on and boom …100$ gets me an unbeatable combo. I think like you. Knowing where the fish are and using proper baits goes a long way. All my reels are Penn and my rods are either ugly stick or Berkeley. Great information you have given.

domorrell11 says:

What would be your choice of a saltwater bait casting reel with a good rod.

Rodney Smith says:

Great advice. But one of your reels looks like a sexy, glamorous Shimano Stadic. About $200.00 nowadays. I’ve become a big fan of a $100 Penn Battle this past year due to Shimano’s price increases.


*Ahem* Walmart $1 spinner baits *ahem*


Why do you suggest for pier fishing?

John Leonard says:

I’ve been using a Penn 704Z with a 9 1/2-ft Penn Power Stick for the last 25 years. They’re not all I have, but they’re a combo that I always take with me. When I’m in the mood, I also bring a Mitchell 303 with a 7-ft Garcia fiberglass rod – makes an adventure out of a pompano or whiting.

John Leonard says:

Used the Yo-Zuri up in Massachusetts for big bluefish. It slays them.

WW Suwannee says:

I catch 30lb. fatheads on cane poles…..meh.

Dawson Fayard says:

The diawa bg is good

2000lmk says:

Fantastic vid!! Just found your channel and am subscribing. Agree with everything you said. I just started kayak fishing a year ago and got caught up in the idea of over rigging my yak. Wasn’t enjoying it until i geared down and just bring the minimum gear. The rod and real combo i chose was actually a penn fierce and ugly stick. So its good to hear you talk and show them in action. Looking forward to checkin out all your other videos. Tight lines!!

Tony Bishop says:

Really good advice, need to be reminded every once in a while!

Manuel Isaac says:

I use a 50$ combo and caught a bonito with a crankbait

RT RT says:

you should understand the concept of catch and release…..

Daniel Henderson says:

I think Lews has the best bang for your buck, I found a Tournament Pro G on offer up for 50 bucks, but I would of easily paid 200.00 bucks for that real.

ron nguyen says:


ron nguyen says:


Dick Rautenbach says:

What type of fishing gear do you use?

tommy bryan says:

Whats the website for the cheap buccaneer glass minnows? All that i can find are expensive.

Caleb Christensen says:

$80 is still super expensive!!!! the most I’ve spent on a reel alone is half that. and its an amazing reel!!

TZ3z says:

8:15 actually you can ask any charter captain and they will tell you that it changes everyday. Ive never met a fisherman that doesn’t need sonar and can find ‘where the fish are’

fish swim all over the place all the time it’s called schooling

Ultra Angler says:

It’s all about selecting the best gear!

Ingus Abolins says:

old story. its all about comfort. u can buy used car by 1k eur and u will drive from point A to B, but what about comfort comparing to 120k eur car?

Michael Kolinski says:

Great video. Thanks for helping us folks that need it. Where do you fish out of? Website??

Andrew Crawford says:

Going to be crusing the med in the near future for about 2-3 years then across the pond to to Caribbean any ideas for a useful set up please as not fished in a long time. Thanks for any info or links you can give.

John Ryan Badumar says:

Good stuff. You’re right about the tackle.I work at a tackleshop on saturdays and i get lot of questions about what kind of rods and reels people should buy. I always tell people they should fish as light as possible and not heavyer as needed. The price of a rod depends on the quality of the blank, reelrings, reelholder, the finish, factory or handmade and the name on the rod or trademark if you like. I also like to sell multifunctional tackle so they can have more fun with it. Specialists always buy special rods though. Tight lines!

Dan says:


Sam Sadowitz says:

When you were talking about overkill, i was thinking back to a few months ago when i was on a drift fishing trip. I brought in a Penn no. 9 levelwind that my grandpa gave me on an old medium action boat/trolling rod…. needless to say, i got a lot of funny looks by the crew. Fast forward to the present, ive caught sharks in the 10-15+ pund range on it repeatedly with loads of fun on keys bridges. (Even caught a huge bonita with it that weighed at least 10 lbs)

Moises Calderon says:

im in high school and i also look for good bargains, for example i got a iron horse warrior full suspension used for 160$ instead of buying a trek or specialized, i dont need such a expensive bike because the skill of the rider makes more of a difference than the bike does

TroyboyQUE says:

Thanks for the video Brandt. I just subscribed to you channel. I will get some glass minnows asap. I think that they will work better than my bucktails and got cha plugs.


What rod and line should i use to cast the glass minnow far

jc632k says:

Great topic, most stuff out there is made to catch anglers by their wallet

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