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I heard that Walmart got their newest shipment of summer fishing tackle in so I decided to do a little bait shopping. Tag along as I peruse the Walmart fishing section and see what new tackle / baits I can find. Please subscribe, share, comment and/or thumbs up if you liked the video.


Beau Alexander says:

I live within 25 minute drive of 6 different Wal-Mart stores and the only baits I bought from any of them I actually caught anything with was the refrigerator nightcrawlers. the rubber and plastics suck. the fish bites suck. the gulp sucks.
but.. if I buy from a bait shop or a sporting goods store all mentioned work great..

if I get anything other than nightcrawlers from Wal-Mart, I guarantee I get skunked.

Zac S. says:

yum dinger all day!!!


your focusing is crap

Preston Keplin says:

Aye man, I enjoy watching your vids, you know alot about stuff and help me know what I wanna try out

Nathan Bruce says:

I agree Yamamoto is better and I agree but their not that durable, they tear east

J.K. says:

this video sucks.
next time be a little prepared on how to present your info dude.

NTX Bank Fishing says:

I live in the biggest metropolitan area in the country, all of our Walmart suck.

Nolan DeMott says:

I get more bites on Yamamotos but Dingers last longer.

Brody Parrish says:

he sounds like he has chew in his mouth

Branden McCann says:

your. can not focus on
anything stay off YouTube

Dalton Edge says:

Funny thing is is that I have those 1.00 spinner baits and I have caught already 8 bass is the past week

The Legend 27 says:

This dude be looking like Buzz Lightyear

The BRSOB says:

I love yamamoto but the only thing is the durability could be a little better

J March says:

For me the Gary Yamamoto Sinco’s only catch one fish and then I have to change the Sinco strik King I can get 5 to 6 sometimes more

Carson Foster says:

yum swimming dingers are really good

Combative Talk says:

Yamamoto and Yuma imo

We are Fit 4 Christ says:

I purchased a GX2 Ugly Stik  and a Shakespeare Agility Bait Caster low profile reel from Walmart

Jared Adams says:

word vlogger i watch

Eye Dupppz says:

Bitch tits

The Billing Bros says:

We use 1.99 big bite bait stick baits and still catch big bass so I’m it doesn’t matter really

Isaac Sanchez says:

I came to see the burnt up comment section 🙂

L_luke5853 5853 says:

This guy reminds me of forest Gump

awsome sauce says:

which wally world was that Richmond Berea or Lexington

OTRXKZ says:

I only go fishing to have fun and kill some time so best lure or the worst if it has more bait is good to go because you have more bait but if you want to get fish then you have to get the best one not that green one that lot of people use

peteyprovolone says:

Learn how to use the autofocus option on your camera

Adrian Makled says:

You don’t get your money worth on the Yamamoto because they rip every time they bite it

chapo Garcia says:

GY break just by putting on the o ring,no lie.

BassHunterSB says:

Your gay you don’t know what your doing just stop

Julia Arielly says:

your camera is shit i got 2:24 into the video and you cant even see the damn baits so go get a new camera like the 70d from canon or are you to broke to cause you work at walmart.

Riley Tingle says:

At a stockyard here in Mississippi I bye lures for $1.00. Six in a pack.

Everett Fingerboards says:

It not4

Angelo Rodriguez says:

i buy in walmart the fishing pole black max abu garcia with 12 lb fishing line

kevin 8039 says:

I go with the yum ones because I throw almost everyday, they’re made of cheap plastic so they last longer. Gets expensive to be throwing yamamotos every day.

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