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Was watching some fishing videos on Youtube that inspired me to go bait shopping the other night. Tag along as I peruse the Walmart fishing section and see what tackle I can find. Please subscribe, share, comment and/or thumbs up if you liked the video.

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Jackson De Ruyter says:

lets see how many subs i can get without making a vid

Kyle Corman says:

I live in lex and i say you oughta make another video and do the same shit over again.. They’re just trying to be petty bitches, fuck all you mfers who have nothing good to say hiding behind your little computer screens. HAHA!!! I’d bet $100 you fuck wads wouldn’t say shit to my face had you been there to see me dump that box of shit out!!!

SB Chu G says:

Jack ass

Julia Arielly says:

is he on something

Andrew Castillo says:

people won’t know there a doller anymore

Dominico Santacruce says:

Give hime slack

Joel Rodriguez says:

This guy is stupid.

Justin Danley says:

Lazy asshole

Logan Vlogs says:


Zulbak says:

you are a total fucking asshat for dumping all that stuff all over the floor. Complete fucking asshole

Radar says:

First 3 things he got outta that discount box wasn’t on discount

Jonathan Gipson says:

Nice one keep it up don’t listen to the haters

North Carolina Bassin says:

I was just gonna say that everyone was so rude about your decision, but everyone was like you don’t have the subs to do that, you don’t get payed based on subs you get paid based on views and you may not have a ton of subs, but you get a good view to sub ratio, like Jon b BASS 600,000 subs and gets like 10,000 views, so you don’t do bad, if it’s what you love and you think you make enough doing it go for it

Starburs t says:

Why the fuck would you dump out the box you must be high af

Parke Everett says:

That s messed up throwing stuff out

Phor Moore says:

my 58 year old wife has to clean up after people like you. like she does not have a hard enough life… stopped watching at 3:09 you lost a viewer forever…


He drunk

Dirty' n Ridin' says:

I get it he dumped out the box messed up but it’s Walmart wholly world as they call it if it was bass pro or gander mtn it’s a different story so take it down a notch

kenneth perez says:

PSA: Not grabbing a cart and using the display box, by dumping is contents out onto the shelf, is a twat move.

Alec Haggard says:

Your so dumb how do people like you even survive in the world your a dumb ass and I bet you can’t fish for shit

North Carolina Bassin says:

Are our the one that used be a barber and then quit for YouTube, I thought that was you but I don’t see the video

justin carroll says:

This guy is drunk off his ass

Radar says:

Also buzz baits are trash at walmart my friend got 1 today shit action

jdmcnabb says:

you are a fucking dumbass for doing that u fucking rich snob bitch….. wtf

OTRXKZ says:

That cost like $40 damnn but you got lots of good lures

Jay Lee says:

Your dumb u don’t just got around and dumping boxes out

Mike OB says:

You sir are a jackass.

Rebecca Gushue says:

First video I watched of yours!! Wal-Mart is where I’ve bought alot of my fishing gear and thanks to you it helped me out. Love these Wal-Mart videos!

Bsprecks says:

Awesome vid!

Peyton. W says:


Keiyi Okamura says:

Don’t move the camera too much, I almost had a headache lmao

Ethan Voltzke says:

Were u drunk

Colin Weeks says:

u have no idea what your doing you are just picking stuff up

Nathan Ball says:

This dudes drunk as shit

Alabama Crappie Adventures says:

Um …. ok …. who does this?

Yassine Elmoujahid says:

They say what I was going to say ass hoool


Bro i wish an employee walked by you when u dumped that shit out and slapped the fuck out of u that shit is not cool bro if u have kids hope u dont raise them like that.

dr53love says:

Edit your volumes man

John Hrman says:

you’re a fucking loser

Andries Nel says:

Get a mic

Vang Fishing923 says:

You forgot about ribbit. Your vid is great but the quality of your mic is not so good. Still a great video tho

rolltidematt92 says:

lol ive been watching quite a few of ur videos tonight, and i realized in the comment section, alot of people are assholes…

Tony Kart Racer says:

Forget the fish, I was getting ready to bite those lures……… looks like yummy gummie worms! And relax people, stop being uptight, he was just having a bit of fun in this video!

GhostHook says:

This ladyboy looking guy is a douchebag

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