TRICK MY TRUCK – New Truck Customization – DECKED System – Best way to organize your gear

The Ultimate Truck Bed Customization, The New DECKED bed organizer. As a pro fisherman and hunter I am looking for a convenient and economical way to keep all of my fishing gear, hunting gear, golf clubs and even tools organized and safe in the bed of my truck…The new DECKED system is the best that I have found for my needs. Keeping all of my gear safe from the elements is very important to me and helps me perform at my best. For more info on the best truck bed organizer on the market check them out at ……Oh yeah…the best part is that they are a fraction of the cost of the competition! Custom fit for Chevy, Ford and Toyota Trucks


Domenico Candeloro says:

Scott Martin contact me I have a great idea for your buddies truck storage.will appeal to more diverse market and improve product

rsparkman123 says:

Wow, that’s neat!

Zackary line says:

I have a 2015 2500 GMC Duramax SLT but I can’t seem to figure how to lock my tailgate with my remote. Is that an add on you had on your truck? That’s a really nice rig and great video!

Brock todor_2197962 says:

It’s funny that he has a four door truck and a probably a five foot bed

Basketball says:

Like you truck

Peewee Wise says:

Thae truck is awesome scott.i am a fisherman from jax,fl and i dont have alot of money but me and my son love to bass fish if u have any extra tackle, line ect we would b greatful for anything if your interested just put another post on and i will respond with my address thank u so much for all your vids they help out alot……..your biggest fan forever Richard wise

RyanPlays says:

you say diesel funny deesel XD 

Kori Whitchurch says:

great set up Scott do they make these boxes for a dually great video

Cole Toone says:

What a waste of a good truck

Jeremy Haddock says:

BTW.. Awesome shows!!! I live in Florida, and I follow a lot of your techniques when I go fishing. Thx!

Jeremy Haddock says:

Hey Scott be careful about showing your license plate and all the stuff in your truck. Some people are shady.

SuperDrummer311 says:

one big commercial! Great – didn’t even get to watch a TV show. Just a commercial. Thanks a lot for nothing

d shook says:

Them are cool but you can’t haul any thing tho

Mikey Ketch says:

I need some good rod combos any recomendations btw I live about 4 hours  from ur marina scott 

CJ Aaron says:

Wish the sold these here in Australia. I can’t find anything weatherproof here.

Payton Woolley says:

come on scott u need to be making more videos faster! 😉 haha all of ur videos are awesome

Fishing_Wisconsin says:

My 1500 pulls my 20 foot boat with no problems

Hungry Goonch says:

Make the same exact thing out of wood and save yourself a small fortune.

rock dawg says:

i admitt this is nice stuff

Hopsnbarley says:

Subbed 🙂

Radu S says:

You have a Kentucky plate?

Dillon Bechtle says:

if I don’t have a shell on the bed of my truck do they make a waterproof model

kids place on channel 9 says:

zebco truck for zebco tard.

Gerardo Tejeda says:

He looks like John Ritter

Rwndz says:

that’s sweet

bud lee says:

Cool channel Optic hector sent me from his fishing video. Im a gamer also love to fish in Michigan. Gonna check out your past videos learn some tips… Keepem Coming 🙂 

Charles Smith says:

TARFU i have seen too many of these ()&)()&)((OUOILJUU()&)* commercials ONE is good enough you beating the dogs too much

Mike2x2x says:

Nothin says ” man i want to take truck advice from” Like a dude in a sun visor

Richard Maunder says:

Great idea. 🙂

Varium2 says:

It should be noted that according to an article in a magazine (Diesel World) that I just read, its not weather tight so flaky snow or other things might be able to seep in. There shouldnt be a problem though since you have a bed cover

keith willsher says:

Do you have a outlet in the UK as trying to get something sorted out for vw t5 tailgate transporter in England

Andrew Cheyne says:

Scotty love your truck, but why not a dodge cummins 2500?


This city boy don’t know how to treat a truck

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