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99% of all of my videos are filmed on my GoPro Hero 4 Silver and I am slightly obsessed with buying accessories for it! So here are my top 5 must have GoPro accessories!

Every traveller and GoPro lover understands the importance of an extendable pole and the Sandmarc compact pole is great simple because it is so lightweight and extends surprisingly long!!

A head strap and chest strap are perfect for adventure sports or even to get a different perspective when filming out and about!

Once you have a nice collection it is important to keep them looking nice! I love my Sandmarc foldable storage bag and I love the fact that it has a strap!

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FTC: This video is sponsored by Sandmarc and all opinions remain my own, as always!

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pedro soliano says:

aww u came to my hometown Kuala Lumpur?? :3

Gavin Wallace says:

So could I use a head strap for snorkeling and stuff?


thanks x big hello from Brasil 🙂

Get'n Bit says:

I got a pole you might like!!

SquattinCassanova says:

who the fuck films home vlogs with a gopro, get a damn dslr

Tanja Kappler says:

Hey there , top tips will check out SandMarc!! Love it and will connect with you elsewhere 🙂

g says:

fake subscribers

Andrew Choi says:

Do you recommend specific brands or is it ok to just get cheap ones? Cause i was a little worried that my gopro would fall off if i use a cheap brand…

Yahazaki _ says:

omfg I subbed and realised I was the 47.000th sub

Mikaela Grace says:

How do you be confident with the GoPro? I just bought one and I’m so used to treating my cameras like my baby. With the first stick… I’ve seen people use it while skiing or paragliding.. is it safe? Should I get brave? Also with the chest straps is the stabilisation good? xoxo in love with your channel!

Toby Fitter says:

She has an obsession with sticks and poles!!

Hans hidayat says:


Mike Davis says:

very good presentation, lol.

EverythingOutdoors says:

how do you get the audio quality so good on the gopro

T0K3N SM0K3 says:

So many opportunities for sexual jokes here lol great video though

sammy tong says:

Just wondering, does your gopro silver gets overheated when filming in 4k for long hours?

MrWarneet says:

Go on, show us ya tits.

line productions travel blogger says:

hey I have gopro 4 silver but I don’t know how to use it do you have any tips for this?

MRriNICKulous says:

Quite the cutie. Oh and the accessories were nice too.

kay poly says:

Fight for that job position folks, take that loan, cut eachother’s throat to get in good with the boss, sleep with your managers women! get that good salary so that you can go buy gadges, and when you get even bored, go out and buy some more and then some more. And more, did I mention and some more? yeah, buy some more till the wheels fall off.

Marks Fence says:

sorry but you are annoying

Daniel Williams says:

sell it girl!! thanks for sharing

Splay 194 says:

gotough SharkBite

Edward Mathenge says:

Love the fact that you left your “its wet!.. When did I last use this ?” discovery in the final cut of the review. Makes you look a little ditzy but really likeable, which is NOT an easy thing to pull off. so congrats.

LA Dubstar says:

Thank you for doing this video 😉

llltlllulllblllellll says:

a bit more womanly please

Chiara Farina says:

One accessory I highly recommend but don’t see with people often is the GoPro Flex Clamp Mount. Really great for rigging on just about anything: any pole (stagnant/on a vehicle/bike, I’ve even put it on my ski pole before), vehicles, tables, handlebars, I rig it on my ski boot housing to get a boot POV, etc. Could probably even use it as a sort of GoPole if you didn’t mind not having a wrist strap. The clamp is really strong, can handle different sizes, and you have the option of using an adjustable neck to get more interesting angles.

Disclaimer, the neck is less stable at high speeds, so that’s something to just be aware of. But it’s my favorite accessory by far, so thought I’d share 🙂

Other quick suggestion is the PolarPro Above Water filter pack. Maybe Sandmarc has an equivalent, I’m not sure. But the Polarizer and Neutral Density lenses are really great.

Mikaela Grace says:

I bought the Sandmarc Pole/Stick/Not a selfie stick – it’s amazing! Next I’m getting the bag! Thanks for this video!

DannyBeatzEnterprise says:

she says “im carrying around part of a country with me” underneath the stick it says made in china

Wild and Free Me says:

Just got one today!! Can’t wait to learn to use it properly and get accessories 🙂

Luka Jebisashvili says:

0:45 you are right everyone calls it Selfie stick D: D: 😀

Nost Baires says:

like cuz you are cute

LukeB Films says:

why do people get poles i dont get the use of them
theyre only use is selfies right or maybe looking over a rock or something you can’t see over?

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