TINY Fishing Rod Pen Review

Buy it here – http://amzn.to/1QiKMP1
Great for a gag gift or even for a travel fishing pole and reel. Don’t expect to be casting across the lake but it’s great for catching bait fish! If you’re brave, you could even go after small bass.
You can also get a tackle kit for around $8 that comes with everything you need to start fishing – http://amzn.to/1gsnny9

Bluegill love SlimJims, they are loaded with flavor and stay on small hooks better than most other bait.

If you do plan on using this as a fishing pole, make sure to always keep your thumb on the fishing line when casting. This is a “bait caster” type of reel and they tangle pretty bad if you’re not careful. To reel in, pinch the line between your fingers so the line goes on nice and snug.


辉tv郑汉 says:

Where I can buy it

Northgate Supervisor says:

Where can you purchase this??

Sameer Bloushi says:

does we can buy pen fishing rod from store

Tony says:

throws good ?


has it broken yet? I need to know

sienarat sariraman says:


Hudson Lambert says:

Does it come with line

Shield Spear says:

wow that’s cool

Featuredit says:

people are missing the point of this , you can carry this with you anywhere and decide to go fishing on the spot , its not something that your gonna have if your planning a big fishing trip , you could be out in the sun have this in your bag and think oh its a nice day i’ll stop off at the lake for a short fishing session , its portable and cool in my opinion

Meekjohn744 says:

Where’s the link

Tarquin Kelly says:

how much money you selling it for

Kunwar Sameer Rana says:

This realy work in fishing or not

Pierce Stevenson says:

Really nice vid

Hafiz Azhar says:

berapa harga satu

WintaFresh says:

how do you cast with it?

angela wilmot says:

How do I put line on my real? I have same one as yours mine came from ebay.com and it came with line , two hucks,two ruber things ,two bobbin ,with a very small box for the gear. I’m a begging.

Gabriel Riggs says:

Thank u that is a lot of info I am going to get one in 2 weeks and that is a lot of info

Mazlan Ismail says:


Mariah Gonzales says:

where do you get that rode

Brendan Anderson says:

my fishing line cost more then that rod reel

Graeme Murphy says:

Can you switch it to left hand?

Annie Leblanc says:

I have a pen fishing rod

Emir Muhedinovic says:

this combination is terrible, this reel is junk. do not buy this reel it is useless. rod is ok. with this rod I pull fish around 800 gr., but with other reel

Noel Acaylar says:

where can i find one in the philipines

Josh Knowles says:

How was casting rc dad

Elijah Slaven says:

Is that a baitcaster,closed face,or open face pole?

Shane Smathers says:

I got it for a total of 3$ on Wish. the pole with reel was 2 and shipping was 1. thank u for the video

James Lauren Leonard Mann says:


Abbas Hyder says:

you are fool

Kamen Ramen says:

I only buy it for my little brothers

savages hi says:

why no barb

Nathan van Dijk says:

I dont know how to throw in?

Nelly Nelson says:

ok its great for popping in your bag for opportunist fishing. But throw that fekin reel away, its shit. Utter wast of resources making it. It cant cast, you have to wind the line out and cast like that. Might as well use a handline. Get a small spinning reel, at least you have a chance

Salaalam Salaalam says:

How much that.where are I can find

NECKMINUTE 007 says:

dude you’re so lame !

Tomos APN 7 says:

I have the same,black extra

patrice Solar mom says:


Fun Korean Person says:

I never fished before so when you said bird nest i thought there were bird nest in the water

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