The Ultimate Kayak Fishing Tackle Bag

Take a look at the gear bag that I use to organize my gear in my kayak.

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One of the challenges when kayak fishing, is keeping your gear organized and easily accessible. That’s where Precision Pak’s tackle bags come in.

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Chad Hoover says:

The triple rod holder is made by a company that went out of business. We are searching for an alternative!

Benjamin Fulcher says:

I dont have a gear bag that big on my skiff , i couldn’t imagine that much gear in a kayak


OK WHO IS THIS SKINNY NO BEARD is this your younger Brother Chad????

jason kulesza says:

bad thing about rod holders if you are gettign close to trees your rods are gonna hit the top. I usually don’t bring more than 2 rods anyways , one for big fish bottom fishing another for baitcasting artificials, but then again I’m a broke feller.

Keith James Lapere says:

i don’t carry a crate but if i did for sure i would by this product

Bomskok says:

Hi, just stumbled onto your channel and look good so far. What is the kayak make and model you are using?


That’s a lot , only to fish lol

John Wells says:

Where do you get the rod holder with the tool holder?

lazarus506 says:

did they stop making these? cause i am having a hell of a time finding someone who has them in stock, and the manufacturers website seems to have gone poof

yanciv says:

i look forward to buying this product once i find it. will come in handy fishing around Wisconsin.

Timothy A. Knight says:

Any links or updates on if this bag or a similar is still available? Thanks!

OutdoorsmanByDesign says:

Very nice pak! When you’re cramped for space, every inch of “real estate” counts! Thanks for posting! Thumbs up from the Show Me State!

Alexey Semenov says:

Dcrates dot com offers good pricing for the crates.

George Master says:

Is this no longer available? I cannot find on Hook1 site.

Chad Hoover says:

There is a great alternative to this bag coming very soon from YakAttack. Keep your eye on HOOK 1, we will have them there as soon as they are available. – Chad

regression says:

I have a blue kayak, but I’ve been thinking about painting it greenish brown. Some people have told me I should keep it blue so that it blends in with the sky. But I think it would be better as brown or green. Anyone have any thoughts on this?

H Alan Fones says:

looks nice

Carol Ross says:

i lave them bags

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