The Ultimate DIY Kayak Fishing Crate by KayakDIY

Green Box with Clear Boxes:
Pad eyes & Tri-grip Rivets kit:
Tarp Bungee Tie Downs:
Scotty Track Mount:
Ram Track Mounts (screwballs) 1″:
Ram Track Mounts (screwballs) 1.5″:
Mighty Mounts: (OR) 2 of these:

This is a how to tutorial on building a kayak fishing crate with tackle management storage for various gear like a fishing rod, net, camera, or other accessory. Found this crate container few weeks ago in the aisle of Lowes and it screamed convert me into a yak fishing crate!

Crate Dimensions
W 40.6 cm
D 26.7 cm
H 23.8 cm

This DIY crate was originally called the “‘Kraken” “Crate”. At time this was recorded there wasn’t a “Kraken Krate” product by Jackson kayak but rather only a JKrate product publicized. They made a Kraken kayak but didn’t have the crate with same name. Even at the moment of this notice/disclaimer Jackson Kayak doesn’t have much information on their “Kraken” “Krate” product. There aren’t even images or description listed in their store. The original upload title of this video “Kraken Crate:…” was under no circumstances an attempt to steal a branded name. We actually would prefer to have a more original name and not share one with Jackson. In order for us to change the name we had to get creative in our post upload editing via YouTube. We are working to change our name/video title to stand out from the Jackson product. We like giving our various builds names. We love and support Jackson kayak products but don’t want to share names with their products. Because of potential for confusion we are sharing the link to their upcoming crate/”Krate” product:



Andrew Scorti says:

Very nice addon here. Simple and to the point.

Fred Fable says:

Always when you put rivets on plastic you must put a washer as a back up on the inner part, so the rivet brakes over the washer not over the plastic.
That’s the right way…

If not, you will damage the plastic structure of the hole and will came loose or brake with use.

KayakDIY says:

Flipped one of my smaller SOT kayaks today. The crate & tackle stayed put. Consider myself very experienced in kayaking. It can happen to anyone. Wear a PFD and tie down your gear.

William Wilson says:

Love all you’re tips. Please continue. They are very helpful.

Richard Garza says:

Great video.

Morley Alexander says:

Love the crate/box! Link (incomplete) seems to show it came from Lowes. I have looked on their website and cant find. Can you please give me details on how to find the crate?????? Thanks for any help.

KayakDIY says:


cameron Wood says:

how much did it cost in total???

Ryan Walker says:

Why does it seem like some people never use screws on kayaks and some do? Yakattack uses screws on there gear tracks and other stuff. If your worried about water use marine goop. With screws you can remove them and just weld over the hole, but not really with rivets.

steven carter says:

this videos a year old. hows the box setup holding up.

Dawrongguy says:


JT Kayak Fishing says:

i have seen some people use toilet bolts and pvc oupe plugs to make track mounts, what do you think about that. i have also seen people use square nuts for the tracks. Whats you thought?

TheOutriderJ says:

Nice project!

Grunter says:

One “Amazonian freight crate” with the lot to go please .

KayakDIY says:

Thank you all for your support throughout the years. Please let us know what kind of rigging videos you would like to see. Also, let us know what types of kayaks you are interested in. We will see if we can get them and rig them.

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