Tackle Tour- ALL My Fishing Lures?!

A quick run down of all my fishing tackle and a little bit about when I use it.
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Link to tackle bag: https://www.farmandfleet.com/products/955706-outdoor-products-okeechobee-fats-large-tackle-bag.html?feedsource=3&gclid=CjwKEAiAlZDFBRCKncm67qihiHwSJABtoNIgSVAflOScBKDhMlVWOmuaTSCFKIrqZJtnGGb8qED6xxoCUhPw_wcB

Last video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F_7Ql820mtQ&t=303s


mikeyboucher says:

I’m extremely new to bait casting… and I’m curious on your setup and style… maybe a video on what to look for how to use crankbaits and different types of lures

Henry Heyburn says:

Great vid love the channel

diesel_fishing says:

Hey Josh I have a question about jerkbaits…is it ok to use just a slow steady straight retrieve when using jerkbaits ?? Have you ever caught fish doing that?

Jack Semar says:

5:23 is that a customize you lure spinnerbait? looks exactly like the one i have!

Seth Chester says:

Can you try to do some frog and popper fishing for bass some time

Noel Gunter says:

Ever fish Holland?

H&F Michigan says:

i caught a lot of pike with that blue and chrome hot n tot

Mista Maker says:


Maine Angler says:

Nice collection of lures, I like the video! I have a fishing and outdoor channel too if you want to check it out sometime!

Wisconsin Pursuit says:

Awesome video again!

DontjeB says:

A tip I learned to try and keep the treble hooks from tangling is to lay the treble hooks on the bottom side of the bait pointed toward each other. On each treble hook: two of the hooks should straddle the body and one hook should stick up. Then take a small rubber-band and go around the two hooks that are sticking up, binding them together. This should help to reduce the number of tangled hooks that develop when the tackle gets bumped around. Maybe give it a try in one section of your tackle box and see if it helps any. Open water season is within sight!

Owen Fluke says:

Love ur vids man!

H&F Michigan says:

what is your favorite jig brand

Caelan Farlee says:

You don’t talk enough

illinois fishing says:

Awesome video and lures do you ever use trailer hooks for your spinnerbaits

Haden Johnson says:

You talk super fast I couldn’t really hear u

Evan Woyke says:

great video! hopefully we can fish soon when the ice melts!

Henry Heyburn says:

What are some good baits for pond hopping ?

Double Down Fishing says:

awesome video man check out my channel!

Zach Markell says:

Definitely cool to see what you got for lures.. wouldnt mind seeing a few vids this summer of you focusing on going for your PR on pike and /large/small mouth bass.


What should I do if I am fishing spinnerbaits or something else for bass but pike keep breaking me off? Should I just put a steel leader on my bass bait or what else can I do?

Karsen Sherrick says:

Rubber band them treble hooks together bro. It’ll save you some trouble

JeretsAnglingOutdoors says:

Great video!

Devon Eaton says:

Where in Michigan do you live?

Jackson Vilona says:

If you’re ever in the Negaunee Marquette area let me know maybe we can meet and do some fishing. I’ve been debating whether or not to start a channel so maybe you could help.

Mitch says:


NTX Bank Fishing says:

New sub here, please ignore.

Salisha Ali says:

Nice lures

Michigan Sportsman says:

Do you live in Michigan?

Jake's GoPro says:

awesome tackle man!

Nolan DeMott says:

Try connecting your trebles together with rubber bands

Joe Watson says:

I think i have 8 types of soft plastic, colors don’t really matter, i have caught bass on a Texas rigged shoe lace… It is all in the action
Ribbon Tail Worm,
Paddle Tail
Rage Craw
Beaver Tail
Tubes Floating on a Carolina Rig
Fluke Fish weightles of flating?
Throw in an assortment of bullet weights and i can catch fish any where, any time, under just about any reasonable conditions…

isaacjfishing says:

Don’t keep plastics with your jigs it will rust your hook

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