TACKLE ORGANIZATION DAY!!! –Unboxing/Touring ALL My Bass Fishing Tackle 2018


Come meet us THIS SATURDAY!!!

Where ► Concordia Jr/Sr. High 15656 Fort St. Omaha, NE
When ► 8AM-1PM
Why ► $1 Custom Baits + $10 rods + CHEAP NEW MF apparel + the Zark’s charming personality

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In today’s video I take you guys on a tour of my tackle cave, talk about different tackle organization methods and run you through how I like to seperate/organize all my gear!

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Citykid Hunting and fishing says:

Man I subscribed..great video must be nice bro dam I’m not even in the game wow good stuff..

jeffrey stanley says:

Got some good ideas from this video some I already used just need a bigger space for storage of all my arsenal

Danny Cal says:


Milliken Fishing says:

#sorryforthewaitmixtape MF’ers. I haven’t gone 2 days without posting a video since about June…apparently the wifi in small town Missouri didn’t support uploads but…..fire content coming!! COME MEET US SATURDAY!!!

Irvin Richard says:

holy sh%t man u have alot of stuff im lucky to have 1 10by7 plano box and 1 pack of zoom bates lol but good vid hope to see more

Sam Cade says:

Milk Lifts

Kyle stone says:

Double up your locks!!

1CAMFURY says:

Best fishing YouTuber in the game. My man covers everything

Josh Jones says:

I like to buy some of your lure

ToR. says:

great tip on the white duct tape and black sharpie.. thx for posting

Mike jones says:

100 dollar swimbait in a 5 dollar plano box? Props to you

Bass-fishing Smith says:

Jelly af

Josh Kroll says:

i write in sharpie on the box and put clear packing tape over the sharpie writing. then if you decide to change the box, peeling off the tape also removes the sharpie from the box

Ethan Parsons says:

I wish I can have some of that gear

Mike Gonzalez says:

MORE “Swim Bait” VIDEO’S…. Sling some Giant Baits. We want to see you catch a Godzilla Ditch Panda on a Man Meat Bait. Just Do It !!! Love your Vid’s bro

B.J. Harris says:

sir you great the coolest I love all your videos I wish I could have just a little of your tackle you have I mean I know this is a late comment but I have been watching all your videos and came to this one I wish I just could have just a bit of your tackle you have I would be like a king to my kids and my dad we live on a little lake called woods lake in Hayden Alabama I mean but I love your videos and I like that you went on a fishing trip to south America I have been loving the videos you are the man and I want to just say thanks for all you do for us and I appreciate everything u have been showing me to become a better fisherman so thanks

Christopher Flesch says:

You should do a big giveaway with all the stuff you don’t need

Joshua Webb says:

Glad to see I’m not the only one who struggles on keeping tackle sorted and organized. Currently doing the same thing here in Tennessee. I like the idea of storing plastics in a box and not in a bag. Haven’t been doing that the last couple years and it is a pain to flip thru all those bags. I think you have sold me on boxing them up. Keep them coming. Awesome videos

CL Fishing says:

I hope u sell more tackle sometime, also I have learned that over a little bit of time soft plastics dry out in boxes, any tips ?

Anthony Kleinwachter says:

Big Beavers, Small Beavers, gotta keep your Beavers organized!!


Yo Ben you need to try the PLANO Z SERIES WRAP! Best way for SOFT PLASTICS. try it out. http://www.tacklewarehouse.com/Plano_Z-Series_Wrap_Kryptek_Raid_Blue/descpage-PZWK.html

LeMe Fish says:

Great video man, and tackle storage is key!!!! Trying to get better at it, and will have to use some of your tips and Techniques.

Brokeangler says:

Unreal the amount of tackle

Thomas Forrester says:

Wow dude how do you use all these?

Brian Coomes says:

What kinda box did you have all of your hooks in?


That red bass moffa box u got hooks in do they ever get in wrong bins or do they stay in rig Ben’s all time

aaron hughes says:

When I become rich I will sponsor you! I have full faith in you!

Jordan Campbell says:

Do a swap meet in Tennessee

Adam Rewolinski says:

Looks like I should have gone to the swap meet.

Hunter Smith says:

Sad that all those reels you have just laying around I would die to have

chance bailey says:

Swimbait videos!!

Aaron Garrett says:

I use a similar method. Plano 3700s are great. They fit in milk crates, backpacks, and Tuff boxes. I think the hardest part of staying organised is when you go fish another body of water or for different types of fish. You can’t bring everything… I fish out of a kayak and you can only fit so much. Tackle gets shoved into boxes with dissimilar tackle to save room. Then a few days later you go fish somewhere else and it only gets worse. The Plano boxes at least help moving gear from a pack pack for hike in fishing to a kayak milkcrate. I will never use traditional tackle boxes again.

Dawid Olechnowicz says:

Bro you don’t need more than 50 percent of what you have there , do giveaways for more viewers to come

Big D says:

Bank fishing with swimbaits?

Stephan Trevino says:

What are some easy subscribe boxes to get other than lucky tackle box? That i could jave delived to my house to promote tackle that i could use?

Brandon and Son's says:

i totally wish i was back home. i know my kids would love it. what do you do for a job besides make you tube videos?

Carmen Tascione says:

My extra fishing gear I buy cheap starter tackle, bobber, ex. box put the bass stuff in and leave the box at a toys for tots and little kids in poor neighborhoods get some fishing gear

Josh Jones says:

I like to get the blue gill color crackbait

John Gutkoska says:

My name is john. I cant travel to Nebraska.lol im try to put together a tackle box for my stepson. If you or anyone could donate any unwanted tackle or lures it would be greatly appreciated. Im embarrassed to ask but we just dont have the funds. Are address is john Gutkoska 32 s Broadway Baltimore Maryland 21231. Anything fishing related would be greatly appreciated.

ThePlanBPill says:

You are so gonna get and cease and desist on that Miller logo spoof.

Hunter Shepherd says:

Hey man you’re awesome!!! You have really made a coming top with the YouTube fishing community, but I’m mad at you bc every time I see your videos I go out and buy more fishing stuff haha!! One day I wanna get as much stuff as you do! Your set up is MFing crazy!!!

Crazy ass Outlaw 83 says:

There is nothing better than dealing with a big ass mound of fishing gear . It is a little overwhelming sometimes but I enjoy that time of year of regrouping. Awesome video

Rick Lawson says:

Where do you get your paint that you use on your jigs?

Andrew Zellers says:

Have you seen Berkley’s binder bag? It has zip locks in a three ring binder. You can throw your day plastics in there for short trips and on other people’s boats. Check it out and let me know your thoughts.

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