Survival Gill Net Fishing -B.O.B. Trapping Gear-


Arkansas Hunting & Outdoors says:

Why do you burn it instead of rolling up and reseting

kenny lars says:

thank you sir , very informative.

DH 707 says:

i have 2 gillnets like that thanks for telling how to use

Nightstalker350119 says:

In survival yes, regular fishing NO!

Jerry Lambert says:

Gill nets are terrible

Monkeysrock says:

You know it’s funny. I was first introduced to you by a video I didn’t even like the concept of, but it was a fluke seeing as every other video of yours that I have seen, I have enjoyed. Thank you for what you do.

aplihhama says:

Your concern for ecological responsibility makes me tip my hat. Of note, a cast net is better for bait fishing (too heavy for a B.O.B) and is reusable.

Nicholas Hilzendager says:

Bruh this is not true fishing. Bruh true fishing is not knowing whats down there and still manage to catch fish

Daniel Thompson says:

Thinking of you today, brother. I hope all is going as well as can be expected with your medical ordeal.

You know, you’ve got a great *voice* for this. Good intonation, good diction… You could put together a demo reel and probably get some work with local ad production companies, doing voiceovers for commercials for tv and radio. Or you could do an awesomeo outdoors-themed radio show, in addition to your youtubing. Just a thought…

xkidmidnightx says:

Where you been bob?

Greg Gallop says:

No vids in a month? You OK?

Jeramia Lang says:

Anyone who uses Gil nets should die

Dimetropteryx says:

What kind of garbage quality net is that, if you only get one use out of it? I had one like it that lasted for well over 20 years and only had to be disposed of that soon because it was used in waters with a lot of dead tree branches and was torn up beyond repair.

These nets do virtually no damage here, and they’re completely legal, although they have to be clearly marked and tagged with the owner’s info.

Moose42 says:

Fuck u

joey youandyou2 says:

you killed almost all the fish you caught ,, ,,,smmhmmmm,you got a good mindset kinda ..but your demonstration would have been better in a large pool …

Samuel Ortiz says:

So you are the guy who left the net for weeks

Cody Johnson says:

It’s not a bluegill it’s a green sunfish

Reed Jones says:

dude has serious balls

Kenny B says:

What’s the size of this net? Pretty thin to break and it’s the best way to catch perch for catfish bait

My Crazy Dog says:

Pls sub to much you tube channel my crazy dog will post this week

The Gecko says:

Those are green sunfish and I think some kind of shad

xXKillSharkXx says:

this guy would be the best uncle found his channel the other day and it is awesome

Me Me says:

nice video of Bob I hope you get your chance at being on Discovery you are quite entertaining my friend and very informative extremely patient

Katrina Do says:

When you say “set them free” you probably mean dead

Alex Cheng says:

I always catch tortoise!!!!!!!!!!! oh no

Jett Chambers says:

7:38 green sunfish not bluegill

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