Sundolphin Aruba 10 kayak Review and modifications the Bad and the Good

sundolphin aruba 10 kayak review, modifications and accessories how to add storage (WATCH UNTIL END), gopro mounts, bungees, handles, & more.
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swiftjustice44 says:

Anyone who owns anAruba knows that the rear storage compartment lid is far from waterproof. While I’d love to cut out the bottom as so many do, I’m wondering if you did anything to try to seal it better? Also, the styrofoam blocks you removed are for flotation in case it swamps, right? Because this boat has no bulkheads? Just curious before I start cutting too much…

Richard Schaffling says:

I was just looking at the same one so I guess they are ok for fishing out of thanks

Reel Nasty says:

yeah the Aruba 10 isn’t to bad of a deal but I’ve been using it alot lately and I think if I could go back in time I’d buy a better kayak just for comfort reasons. after a few hours of fishing it gets very uncomfortable. and yes it tracks pretty bad. good luck and thanks for commenting!

John Godwin says:

thanks for showing the styrofoam I didn’t know it was back there I really liked all the changes you made I plan on making those same changes to mine

julian allegro says:

Yea they are a great affordible option for fishing. just get a good butt cushion because your ass will be hurting after a hour or two!

Michael Lowrey says:

thanks for the info on the Styrofoam blocks. i had removed them today after purchase as i thought they where for shipping.

Lewis Maker says:

You should foam in thoes styrofoam blocks in the back.

Kayak Adventures says:

Nice video, I enjoyed it. Good question from John about the Styrofoam blocks. I recommend leaving them in. I did a floatation test you can view on my channel, which showed that the kayak was very buoyant.  Thanks again.

Ulysicca Garza says:

question i noticed u took foam out did u put it back in when done.i was told it help yak float so dont remove it, just wondering as in new to kayaks.

Ulysicca Garza says:

thank you especially because my kids will primarily using it.

John Mauldin says:

My son, an Engineer, bought one of these and took it to the lake. After multiple capsizes and being drug across the lake by a small fish, he decided to see if he could make something so it would be more stable. The result was FANTASTIC! NOW he is selling these at

Steven Kolata says:

a PDF cushion works well for a padded seat, I use the same yak for fishing. the fish doesn’t know it from s Hobie, but my wallet did

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