Shallow Cover for BIG Fish (New Googan Bait)

Who likes fishing shallow cover? Enjoy the video!

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Nate The Barber says:

What lake is that. I live 20 minutes from Hayward and I would love to meet you.

Andrew Mueller says:

The fish missed it 3 times but 3rd times a charm

You missed the fish the thrid time, so charming!

BigBearFishing says:

Good vid Alex! A musky video would be cool man. I miss catching those things.

BRYBO1984 says:

Is that lake Chippewa ?

Cole Deters Spader says:

if you are still around the Hayward area i am going up to my cabin by there its 2-3 pound bass almost every cast and its a private lake so i would be happy to take you out on it

Vladdy J says:

You should fish at lac courte orreilles

Joshua Hebard says:

1:48 “fish miss it 3 times 3rd times the charm”

Eric Sapp says:

Why are u always so hyper

Jeremy Newhouse says:

Every tournament should have to use the new cull tags. The ones with the clamp. No need to keep messing up their mouths.

Zachary Winell says:

If I got a pinned comment I’d have the coolest day ever.

lamerthenlife says:

we need a googan squad minnesota fishing tournament.. Mille lacs lake? minnetonka? theres definetly enough fans in the twin cities metro

ebolamonkey says:

Those swim jigs are my favorite style… some of these new baits look very nice, with very good locomotion.

Clayton Palmer says:

That’s a Norwegian flag ya goog

Bailey Rinehart says:

AP what lake r u on? You should fish on the chippewa flowage amazing fishing!!! Its where the world record musky was caught.

Olufs Waterview says:

You guys should fish the namekagon for smallmouth (or muskies) when you’re up in hayward

Fishing Channel says:

thumbs up

Isaac Mullikin says:

And There’s huge Muskie in hayward

Chris McFarland says:

Hey AP, your videos are getting better each time. I have to admit I wasn’t a fan at first but you have made me one with your passion for the sport and how much you care about the fisheries you use.

Daniel Hasselquist says:

Do some kayak fishing on wisconsin lakes!

Luis Figueroa says:

Little late on some hook sets!

Polecat Racing Team says:

When you set the hook don’t rip their bluddy heads off you only need to flick it up a little but to set the hook and wind slower

Quinn H says:

I was in Hayward Wisconsin for the 4 and In 5 days I had 1 fish

Chad McMillan says:

I went to buy some baits but they are sold out. When they are back in stock, I will give them a shot. Where are they made?

caden jones says:

What lake??

BassGeek says:

Man I love to do some dock fishing.

Esteban Rodriguez says:

Wait who am I “oh my gosh that Was a 10 punder!!”

Michael Brush says:

Peric sets the hook like a 8 year old and it’s his first time using a bait caster

Daven Moralez says:

What happened to the sick intro making a new one maybe?

cole piddington says:

Wisconsin: on dock, “Nice Fish!”

Illinois: 10 foot from dock, “GET AWAY”

Zinker Fishing says:

AP if u see this I’m from ashland wi 45 mins away I just wanna let u know the lakes on delta Drummond road and delta area are filled with bass roght now I’d like to see you catch em

dracul19 vlad says:

wanted to get bug googan bait but they where all sold out lol

Iceberg 1971 says:

That was a Norwegian flag…

Simpleman Outdoors TV says:

Any way I can get in contact with you? I’m wanting to intern with you and the googan squad

Alex Ramirez says:

Alex what kind of costas do you have

ThatDisney Fisherman says:

thats the flag of Norway

Keegan Phillips says:

I love Hayward, I usually go to Nelson lake with my fam

thomas moyer says:

I live 2 hours from haward

MinnesotaTv says:

you should do another meet up in minnesota didnt get to go because there was a snow storm! do it at owatonna,mn cabelas.

Isaac Mullikin says:

What lake were you on?? I live near Hayward, and upper turtle in turtle lake has some nice bass if your still over there

Connor Wilson says:

I could set the hook better with a wet noodle.

GoodTimeFishing says:

You can tell Peric genuinely cares about the fish he catches, and the fish population as a whole.

Grant636 says:

Wasn’t the confederate flag I believe it is Norway’s

Andrew Ezinga says:

lol “cant believe I missed him” after the most wild hooksets.

Daven Moralez says:

What happened to the sick intro making a new one maybe?

Imperial Only says:

having trouble skipping can anyone give me help

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