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2017 fishing buy guide for stuff you want for fishing. Fishing rods, fishing reels, fishing accessories, fishing shoes, fishing lures.

Reason I made this video is because my last video got unmonned, unjustly I would say. And then I really wanted to get this video the same day. I had it all finished and ready to upload but my internet was scuffed and it took 8hrs just to upload. Oh well things been looking down on me but the snow was super dope.

Links some affiliate some not

Lures: (soft plastics)
Downsouth lures –
Egret wedgetail –
Norton sand shad jr –

Lures: (topwater)
Rapala skitter V –
Mirrolure shed dog –

Lures: (more inshore)
mirrodine xl –
Weedless spoons –
DOA shrimp –
Gulp shrimp –

Lures: (jetty fishing)
Big spoon –
Yozuri 3ds –
Rapala x-rap –
Storm swimbait –
Spooltek swimbait –

Lures: (cool weather)
Paul brown original
Paul brown fatboy
Gulp swimming mullet –

Fishing Rod:
Falcon coastal xg casting 7’6 med –
Falcon coastal xg spinning 7′ med –
Penn squadron 7′ med –
St croix triumph surf 8′ med –

Fishing reels:
Lews tournament pro g –
abu garcia black max –
Penn slammer III 5500 –
penn pursuit 3000 –
Shimano sienna –

Keens uneeks –
Reef boots –
Flats boots –

Cast net –
Fish grips –

Gadget lol:
Mavic pro –

Time stamps:
Soft plastics – 1:02
Topwater – 2:46
Inshore lures – 3:43
Jetty lures – 7:56
Rods – 9:29
Reels – 11:33
Fishing footwear – 13:42
Fishing accessories – 15:27


Evie Soto says:

Awesome …….thx for the info

Heathbar 67 says:


Mr H says:

This was a few days after my bday lol. It snowed like crazy in H-Town

Dolla Sign says:

Wow you are one rich runescape fisher

Rich Dunn says:

We just got a foot and a half up in Massachusetts in one storm.

SaltyDawg says:

What size kayak do you routinely take out? I have a 10ft sun dolphin fishing kayak that I’m a little worried to take out on the ocean.

Chris Contact says:

Have you ever used any of the Rapala Clack N Rap with the metal disks? Fresh or saltwater series? What is your thoughts on them?

Arne Scheire says:

the runescape music haha

Jacob Pena says:

I just bought the shimano NASCI 4000xg and the 7′ H2O Express ethos nano inshore medium action. I hear good things about the rod for the price. Now the price isn’t really cheap but it is lower than the competition at $149.
Going to give it try this weekend. I’ll either go to Port O’Connor, Rockport if there is room on my bosses boat and if not I may try the Jetties over at Corpus where you go that Kingfish.

Glenn Demicilio says:

What is that game

Outdoorsman’s Paradise says:

At 10:20 it looks like your house is haunted bud…

ThresherFishing says:

If you have more suggestions or need more suggestions feel free to ask in comments. What you tryna cop this year?

Avenir Dudko says:

Time stamp very smart

Joshua Mouton says:

That is why you are supposed to rinse them out.

Chase Moore says:

When are you going to make an rs video?!

mark sadler says:

Right on!

Thinking I need to make trip to the Academy Sports and Outdoors really soon. Thanks bud!

William Zhong says:

I was using something similar to the storm swimming bait and all 3 of them lost their tail after two bites, and these are not that cheap.

E_Thatch says:

You make some nice slick videos.

Michael Micah says:

I’ve hooked some red on storm baits

Daan says:

the runescape theme song whaha

Craig Thompson says:

Nice video bro very informative I’ve learned what to buy saltwater wise thanks man

LoneWolf says:

love rs music in background good shit

danebrewer10 says:

If you want a loud topwater WTD style lure, look at the DUO pencil 110 Sw, really loud and long casting

geoffmikel says:

What rod did you have your Penn Slammer on?

Logan Delaney says:

What colour is the wedgetails?

Eloy Garcia says:

I’m new to your channel and barely getting into fishing. Very informative videos. I’ve lived in Corpus the majority of my life and im just now realizing the beauty surrounding this city. Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

Abel Aguirre says:

Hey man I’m outta rockport Texas we should fish sometime

PhongMike says:

Great video.. Thank you for sharing what you have and what you know.. Love your passion for fishing and open heart.. Not many guys want to share that..


Really enjoy your videos…..recent subscriber….you’ve gotta try fishing with The South Texas Pomp Hunters in CC,….great group of guys surf fishing for Pompano!! Keep up the great videos!!

Jacob D says:

have you used curly tail grubs, would they work?

Rich Dunn says:

That thunder cork works the same as a casting egg. Gets the fish’s attention w the top water disturbance and they come and hit whatever’s trailing the egg.

Vincent Gatekeeper says:

No snow Angels??!! Bahhhh Humbug!!!!!

Andrew Garbers says:

10:22 watch the door behind him

John Echterhoff says:

What about those rattles?

Zack Morris says:

You are very good film director

PsychoticBox50 says:

Yo Thresher what rod did you have on the 5500?

Just Let Me FISH says:

Peen Fierce 6000 is my go to reel from the surf, rocks or well anything really. I need to try the lures you suggested.

JMC Edits says:

haha you have a void pure bro!! that is hilarious i have a 1 defence g mauler with 45 pray for hybridding.. your videos are awesome tho thanks for the info.

Phuc Phan says:

Runescape. Yes queeen bee slay

Jake Sannes says:

Is that Runescape music i hear in the background?

John T says:

What kind if fishing line do you use for inshore fishing?

Marea Gear says:

Ever fish the Daiwa products? They’re BG spinning reels and Lexa series baitcasters have been awesome for us.

ECLECTIC 361 says:

Thanks for the Equipment list, I’ve been here since 1993, my most successful trips are guided and expensive lol I usually buy a set up at HEB for $30 and some frozen shrimp and not much success. I take the kiddos out and we get hard heads and sand trout lol usually at Indian Point. Thinking of trying the Jetties and manning up on gear. Have a blessed day and thanks for the vids

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