Rod, Reel, and Tackle Box Review 2016

Rod, Reel, and Tackle Box Review 2016


Jasiah Kinyon says:

Where do you mainly fish for carp and catfish???

TheMasterCasters says:

Hope you get better! Stay strong!

Dirk Cooper says:


Dirk Cooper says:

Talk loud

DMHoutdoors says:

I have two of those magnum boxes

kimberly ramirez says:

see the shaky hands

Jasiah Kinyon says:

I cant seem to catch neither species

rcrawford1030 says:

Where to you purchase your bucktail jigs?  I have tried to find them but have not had any luck.

canatek says:


rcrawford1030 says:

Sorry, S/B where do you purchase your bucktail jigs?

patrick cordery says:

very nice tim hope you are feeling better

jay love says:

this guy is like Bass Pro Shop jr.

CanadianCharlie64 says:

You need some Red Wigglers, they are the cadillac of worms

OUTLAW says:

did anyone else notice his shaky ass hands

R and W Fishing says:

Where do you buy the jigs

Alex Steffey says:

what river do you fish , if you don’t mind me asking

kimberly ramirez says:

wheres the sankos

simon horn says:

Great vid!

Catching the Craze says:

Looks like you just went shopping!

The Bass Master says:

Awesome gear

Extreme Fishing says:

i know tim galati knows extreme philly fishing

David Orelj says:

Bass Pro Shops discontinued those rods 🙁

jakob says:

around how much did all that tackle cost ???


what can you catch with a curly tail jig

Roman Sty says:

Can you post a website where to buy don’s jigs? I would like to order some. I went on Facebook but “jigs and things” is a closed group. Tnx

Vincent Khounborin says:

is it ok u give he dan’s facebook because i want some of his jigs

EZ Outdoors says:

What camera mount do you use for your contour?

Steven Garcia says:

Hey Tim, I love all of ur videos! Your trout ones as of right now are my favorite because I just caught my first trout which happened to be a 5+ pound rainbow up in Vermont. It was worth traveling from upstate NY to Vermont though. Just wanted to say keep doin what you’re doin!

Cohen Lewis says:


Lucas Pickens says:

Awesome video man

mr yee says:

great vid

tyler hicks says:

We want Tim

Tristan White says:

Hey Tim, I noticed you used trout magnets in one of your videos and I was wondering if they would work good on an Abu bait caster in a small brook?

Cody Odom says:

Could you do a vid going over the way you rig your live baits i.e. crawlers, crayfish, hellgrammites. Also how you carry your live bait to keep them fresh.

Matthew Keen says:

Can you give the name of the place you buy your bucktails? I love to purchase some if possible.

kimberly ramirez says:

me to

Connor hare says:

Why did you turn off your comments on most videos because lots of times I have questions or comments but now I can sadly not do this although I do understand that there are many haters on hunting videos

coltan g says:

You need a lot more senkos I’m 13 and I have 26 packs

Timothy Haun says:

I wish I could thumbs up more than once.

Get well soon.

Heith Gagnon says:

dam buddy…I ahvent did one yet but have alot of people ask me too…we have alot of the same stuff…Them rubbers are the bomb…lots of good stuff there…I may not comment all the time but i watch…believe it or not I have learned a few tricks from you and really enjoy the video’s…keep up the good stuff and if you ever make it to upper michigan look me up and I will take you out to catch a 40 plus inch musky…

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