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Today we’re going to take a look at the CE Smith fishing rod holder. This is a horizontal clamp-on style and it’s going to work for 5 7/32 circumference rails, and this is going to allow you to fish hands free on your boat and let you have multiple lines in the water. It’s going to include a slip-resistant bracket to go around the rail on your boat. It does have a horizontal style to fit onto that. Has the included screws to clamp on there’s going to be one at each corner.These are going to be made of a stainless steel and our holder itself is going to be made of an anodized aluminum so we don’t have to worry about any rusting or corrosion with this, which will especially be great for marine application. This is also going to be pretty much impervious to any salt water damage with that aluminum finish or that aluminum construction.Inside, we’ll have a vinyl liner to protect the rod from any scratches or scuffs that does slide out.

If you ever need to replace it or clean it, you can do so. It just pops right back into place. That’s also going to help to hold our rod snugly inside that too.At the bottom there’s going to be a gimbal bar to keep our rod in place and keep it from spinning around, and that’s also going to provide a little extra reinforcement at the bottom of the tube and just make it a little bit more sturdy. That open design is going to let water fall out and through, and keep it from sitting and resting inside the two. Again, this is going to be a easy no drill application, just have to loosen up those bolts at each corner.

Take this half of the bracket off, slide it over your rail and clamp it into place. To adjust those screws, you’ll need a 3/16 inch or 3/16 hex bit for the head of those boltsIn the center, you’ll notice on the blade that there is an integrated hole that’s to allow you to use a strap or a bungee cord to wrap around your rod to keep help keep it in place a little bit better. It doesn’t come with any of those, but you can find a lot of options here at for bungees, and straps, and other things like that, so definitely check it out while you’re browsing around. Now again, this is going to work for round boat rails that are 5/32 or 5 7/32 of an inch in circumference. The diameter of that works out to be about 1.66 inches or about 1 5/8 of an inch.The inner tube diameter is going to be 1 5/8 of an inch, and that tilt angle is going to be at 20 degrees.

Overall our holder is going to be 10 inches long, and going from the center of our bracket to the widest or to the furthest out point of our holder, it’s going to be about 6 1/2 inches. And the clamp there is going to be about 2 1/2 inches at its widest point.This is also made in the USA. And that’s going to do it for our look at the CE Smith fishing rod holder with a horizontal clamp-on style to work for 5 7/32 circumference rails.


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