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Today we’re going to take a look at the CESmith fishing rod holder. This is a vertical clamp-on style, and it’s going to work for one and a quarter inch circumference rails.This is going to allow you to fish hands free and have multiple lines in the water. It’s going to clamp around the rails on your boat or maybe around a seat or really wherever you’d want to use it with that vertical clamp style.This is going to be made of a durable anodized aluminum, and our hardware for that clamp is going to be made of a stainless steel, so this is going to be a really great construction to use with marine applications because we won’t have to worry about any rusting, corrosion, and no worries about any salt water damage for our aluminum either.Now at the top of our tube here, we’ll have a vinyl liner that’s going to protect your rod from any scratches or scuffs. So pop that out, take a little closer look at it, does fit pretty snugly inside there. That’s what’s also going to provide the snug fit for the fishing rod itself.We’ll also have a gimbal bar at the bottom to help our fishing rod stay in place and prevent it from spinning while it’s inside the holder. It also provides a little reinforcement to the tube itself and that open bottom design allows any water to drain out the bottom instead of just sitting inside the holder.You’ll see on the blade there’s an integrated hole that can be used with any bungee cords or straps or anything that you would want to use to secure your rod inside the tube.

We have a lot of options here at etrailer dot com. If you want to pick something up for that, whether it’s a bungee cord or a strap, we have a lot of things available here.Now this is just an easy, no-drill application. The clamp is just going to, again, squeeze around that tube on your boat. To loosen and tighten those bolts, it will take a 3/16th or a 3/16th hex bit for the top of those bolts there.Now again, this is going to work for boat rails that are four and an eighth inch circumference. That diameter works out to be about 1.315 inches.

The inner tube diameter is going to be one and five eighths of an inch. That’s at the narrowest part of our vinyl liner there.As far as the dimensions on the holder itself, it is going to be 10 inches long from the top of the tube to the bottom. As far as how far out it’s going to sit, going from the center of that bracket to the outermost edge of the holder is going to be about six and a half inches, and the widest part of our bracket is going to be about two and a half, going from the bottom to the top there. The tilt angle on this holder is also going to be 20 degrees and this product is made in the USA.And that’s gonna do it for our look at the CE Smith fishing rod holder with a vertical clamp on style for four and an eighth inch circumference rails.


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