Plano 3700 Size Guide Series Large Fishing Tackle Box Model 1374 Beekeeper Tool Kit

Plano 3700 Guide Series tackle boxes are great for fishing, BUT, you can use them for other things. In this case, I review the details of the tackle box, but also show how I use it for beekeeping equipment.

Get your own here:

Plano 1374 4-By Rack System 3700 Size Tackle Box

Fishing Tackle box by Plano makes a GREAT gear box for beekeepers!
If you’re like me at all, I sometimes run around like a chicken with my head cut-off searching for hive tools, a queen cage, parts for hive box repair, surgical gloves… and the list goes on.
Then I thought, hey! Why not just get a large fishing tackle box and put all of my spare parts, queen grafting tool, nicot kit, note book, queen lure… well, you get the picture.

I like this particular Plano 3700 series Model 1374-01 as it’s one of the larger plano bins designed for fishing lures and tackle, but perfect for beekeepers! If you have a medication kit, you can have that all ready to go in one of the bins and just put what you need in the tackle box.
They sell the bins separately, so get extras if you need them.

16.5 inches long, 12 inches front to back, 16 inches tall
41.91 cm 30.48 cm 40.64 cm

Made in the USA and completely weather proof.

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Charles Deens says:

Nice. When I was into car modeling, I used a tackle box to organize all my model paints. They are a universal organizer.

missy sparkles says:

wowwwwwww I am loving those boxes in the background I so loved ur burning box video i have bought myself a woodburner – i dont think my tools would fit in there lol lol but its a great idea – how heavy is it when loaded ?plzzz

William Rittinger says:

I have had the same box for years… I use it to store items I need at the model aircraft flying field.. Tools, batteries, battery charging equipment etc…..
Here a video of our flying field from last August.. About six minutes.. The Super Decathlon at the end of the video, is my son’s plane….
Thought you might be interest since you fly drones….


A couple years ago, before Amazon got super cheap and stingy, these would go on sale for $10. I regret not buying more when I had the chance.

SpiritBear12 says:

Tackle boxes like that are great for crafts like beads and all the small stuff that tends to get lost. Also, they tend to be cheaper than the boxes that are “meant” to be craft boxes.

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