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Could this be the best Surf Fishing AND Jetty rod? The first review on this rod! on youtube! It has all the high end components, the high end actions, at an affordable price. Can this surf fishing rod be the best rod on the market, especially due to its price? I have been waiting for this surf fishing rod for a long time, and it has barely been released. This rod has the potential to be the best surf fishing rig.

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Ira Cohen says:

was that BG you were using a 6000, was the rod med/hvy & why didn’t you remove the rod tag, did you plan on returning it?

mt magoon says:

Voice annoying af I’d rather listen to the go tards says:

dude you need to be uploading more vids and more often, great voice and style of video, I’ll be keeping my eye out for more content in the future

Mecheng88 says:

Vega Intimidator H (13’ 2”, blank weighs 35.4 g, and is rated 6 to 14 oz) paired up with a Daiwa Saltist BG30H. The rod will launch 8, 10 and 12 oz with bait, while still feeling very strong and comfortable. Rod blank is a 30/70 split and can be built for around $400 depending on rod builder and goodies.

bullit1973 says:

What is the weight of the rod ?


Snake Slayer says:

Ugly stik

Fishing Bandit Silva says:

Bad ass videos dude you got me watching all your shit..I started fishing here inshore,jettys,rocks,pier in Long Beach California

Texican 84 says:

I like ugly stiks 7 year warranty, cast well too. I use a penn battle and an abu 7000 on 12 foot surf rods.

Live in the present moment says:

Bullshit asshole
Your just trying to sell it

Tony Bishop says:

Do you think the 9’ could handle a little over 3 oz?

Anthonee A says:

Five hundred one thousand much

Christian Hardiman says:

Do u know a good reel with a good line capacity for 50 lb braid under 150$?

Efface says:

Definitely not the best surf fishing rod lol. Plus 1 surf fishing rod cant do everything so it depends on your needs

Kevin Alexander says:

I’m pretty sure I’ve seen you at Galveston Pier!
I’d love to start fishing out where y’all were (T head) but I haven’t gotten the slightest clue on gearing. What would you pair that Ocean Master with? also, I’m shit at launching those Baitcasters so prefer spinners

Chips Ahoy says:

Can you do a detailed video of your surf gear?

colt1911com says:

You sound creepy…like your trying to come off as suave??…tone it down… unless your gay?…cause im sure women do not click on this vid??…just my opinion…

Daron Dyer says:

Thanks for that Review brother. I have the 10 and 12 footer on the way.

johnnymohani says:

I bought this rod in the 9 foot size. What size reel would you pair with the 9ft?

rafael mercado says:

Man, batman really let himself go!

Go shit though. Been looking for a good combo surf set. New to ocean fishing.

Yo! Mando Fishing says:

Okuma the boones farm of fishing lol!

Lawrence Rector says:

I just received both the 10ft and 12ft Ocean Master Surf Spin Rods!! What reels do you recommend for them now that you’ve been using yours for 6 months now?? I am looking for larger spool sizes so I might possibly use my drone to drop baits more than a couple hundred yards out!! But still have good balance for when I’m casting lures and bait from shore with my grandson…..thank you so much….your channel is definitely our favorite!!

Brian Clark says:

My $19.99 walmart 12′ shakespere combo has work well for 3 years now. Ive caught everything from pinfish to 300lb grouper on that thing. The most expsive rod doesnt always mean the best.

Terrence Wrigley says:

I got a Master Line Tide Line at 12ft and it is 4-6oz i get out 160yards with bate and even used it with 2oz for mackerel fishing in a pinch. I also have a daiwa 13ft beach theory and it’s definitely not a noodle the rod has no problem with 8oz but it’s definitely a handful. Both rods were about $250can but i got a deal on them. I got dad a sonic 12ft for $180 and it’s also top notch. The older Berkeley glowstick at 10 ft was good for the price but haven’t tried the new ones.

summerdying111 says:

That reel is heavy as fuck

John Cats says:


Fishing Mojados says:

Thank you

Nick Martyn says:

Have you used a century rod

taylor xu says:

out of stock now

Tobias Duncan says:

What rod would you suggest to cast 1 to 3 oz lures? I need a new rod for chasing sierra mackeral down in mexico.
I have an 11 foot beefstick but its just too stiff.

miguel cabrera says:

I was going to order this rod today based on the reviews I’ve read online and come to find out it’s back ordered until September. The breakaway hdx is my next choice.

Brandon Limas says:

What do you think of pairing and ocean master 12′ with a penn Squall 12?

Ben Tech says:

diawa beef stick 20 bucks

Tony Jimenez says:

Did they stop selling this rod? I only see the 9′ version on the BPS website.

jackson7177 says:

My new setup 12′ Shimano Tiralejo pole with Shimano Power Aero Prosurf reel BEST EVER!!!!

Jhunt Nfish says:

Good video have you ever tried Tsunami trophy series or tournament series rods?

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