Mystery Tackle Box Ice Fishing Slam Challenge!!! (January 2016)

Inside this month’s MTB:
1. Kenders Outdoors Tungsten Jig – $5.00
2. Northland Tackle Macho Minnow – $4.99
3. Vicious Fishing 4lb Ice Fishing Line – $2.99
4. Big Bites Bait Curl Tail Grub – $1.39
5. Best Panfish Plastic – $1.99
6. Dynamic Lures HD-Ice – $5.95

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Rod/Reel/Line used:
-Borrowed Chris’ gear, not sure of the make/model of the rod/reel but he had 4 lb fluorocarbon spooled up

Camera Gear:
Gopro Hero 4 silver
External audio
Chest Mount


Location: Poconos Mountains, Pennsylvania
Date: January 21st + 22nd, 2016
Primary Pattern: Lake #1 day 1, managed 1 fish from 24 feet of water jigging a wax worm a foot off the bottom. Lake #2 day 2, had a lot better success, catching fish a foot off the bottom jigging in 9 to 11 feet of water
Time Fished: Day 1 – 3:00 pm – 5:00 pm Day 2 – 9:00 am – 11:00 am
Air Temp: Day 1 – Low of 14 degrees, high of 24 degrees, Day 2 – 9 degrees
Water Temp: Ice
Water Clarity: Day 1 Lake 1 – 24 inches Day 2 Lake 2 – 36 inches
Conditions: Day 1 – Mostly cloudy with winds from the NE up to 25 mph Day 2 – Partly cloudy and calm


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Preston Matlick says:

That rock bass was a hybrid of several different kinds of sunfish

Angie Zbikowski says:

do more ice fishing love the vid good job

kev0M6 says:

What’s the name of the app?

Robbie Buonodono says:

Cover the tip of your hook douche

Alisha Walters says:

hey one rod one reel I just sent you some lures just wondering if you got it yet

Jimmy Allen says:

I think the first fish was a smallie

Jonathan Sanchez says:

Very good video keep it going and I am also thinking of starting a YouTube channel with my friend hope I can be like you

Z-Bone gaming says:

Did YOU USE Deeper?

Dude Guy says:

What’s the sonar you were using?


2:01 smallmouth

Alisha Walters says:

hey one rod one reel I sent you all the package just letting you know see if you got it yet

Baseball 84 says:

Thanks for letting me know about mtb p.s what’s your P.O. address

Mr Shrimp says:

whats the point of fishing if you dont the fish you catch , im a fisherman and i eat basicly everything i catch

Mr Shrimp says:

#if you dont eat the fish u catch#

FishyPlaysGamesForever says:

I caught a rock bass when I left my rod out at night and I lost the rod went on a boat got it fish was alive I have no bait on it

Dakota Jaynes says:

I signed up for mystery tackle box

Martha Eller says:

You should try ice fishing with soft plastics

Cast & reel outdoors Miller dyer says:

and he said 100% artificial but he used a wax worm lol

AlexAR says:

What’s the fishing camera called

Zane Pace says:

Zane was good of fish

All fishing Fishing all waters says:

Get a pet fish catch a fish like if you agree

Hunting North Dakota says:

Don’t go on those pressure ridges

Retro Games says:


Rachel Borne says:

hi I love your videos my name is Christopher your name is Mike and I love fishing for bass I have my own on it has I have caught a 50 pounder out of it and I hope you get this

Nick A says:

Isn’t fluorocarbon always clear?

Alisha Walters says:


Ethan Hodges says:

that a warmouth

Jacob Sizemore says:

1Rod1ReelFishing the fish that was caught during the beginning of the video was a Shoal Bass I believe. They’re not very common I think

Edwin Salazar says:

U badass

its me says:

It’s not a rock bas dumb ass

Gage Gilley says:

Ya that’s a rock bass

supersport6666 says:

1:13 what does that look like to you?

Alisha Walters says:

hey one rod one reel fishing I sent you some lures just wondering if you got my package

James Spagnola says:

Your at the f.w dam

Miles Solsky says:

4:54 is that a ice rod with a baitcaster?

Luke Nephew says:

While you’re at it bash the rockbass on the ice

seth purtell says:

Did you mean small mouth

Philly gangsta says:

@1Rod1ReelFishing I love your channel. I have been subscribed for about a year and I have watched a majority of your videos and just wanted to say thank you. You make great videos and I never lose interest while watching your videos

Colby Dupuy says:

What app is that

Letty S says:

What type of GoPro is this? I like they your footage looks and I’m in the market for buying one

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