My Land Based Shark Fishing Setups (Tackle Tuesday #19)

When shark fishing from the beach, setups can be tricky. In this video I go over my land based shark fishing setups, both the shark rod and shark reel and why I fish them.

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lesabre1972 says:

I would love to hear more of the braid verses mono story.

Seth Eltz says:

hey Viktor! I’m just getting into the land based shark fishing game. I’ve been using a Penn Fierce 2 8000 which I really dig but I wanted to upgrade a bit so I just ordered a Penn Special Senator 114H2 6/0 (which I just realized is the new Chinese made version :-/) but I wanted to know your thoughts on this reel as a mid sized shark starter reel. And also your opinion on how to spool it as far as backing, top shot, mainline poundage and what not. Thanks man!

PB Fishing says:

I’ve had 100lb mono main line break twice this year… time to switch to 130.

Tyler Hodgeman says:

hate to be this guy but your theory on roller guides is a good thought but doesn’t work like that. rollers will cause you to loose fish it’s old technology most great rod builders recommend to not have them as under a long fight with a shark they will lock up and pop your line. also rctbxxh 50-130 is good blank alot of shark fishing builders use them because there hard to break and have an amazing feel if u get a chance give one a try

harri hiltunen says:

couple fine shark set ups…

iamatt says:

Hetman, matt from Texas. can you make a video explaining how to use floats for land shark fishing or why not to? Seems like a pita. Its dangerous enough yaking without them. Thanks!

Anthony Pérez Vélez says:

Hi Land Shark i have a 14/0 to with 150 pound mono with a penn ally rod….Question the 14/0 i think have 34 pounds of drag…If i’m targeting a big hammer or bull you think i need upgrade the drag more stronger or the 34 or 35 pounds of drag the 14/0 bring’s its enough????

Derek Pierson says:

I appreciate the tips, I nearly got spooled by the fish of a lifetime Friday night in new smyrna. It nearly broke my reel off the pole. Time to up my gear!

Domingo Hernandez says:

Very true mono is more forgiving then braid

Chuck Howard says:

Roller guides were necessary years back when all we had was chrome guides and really bad drags, which put big friction and stress on the main line. They still have a place on rods you are going to put in a fighting chair or a rod holder, and they are easier on knots and terminal tackle that fits through them; also for stand-up saltwater trolling rods that need a minimum stripper and tip on big fish. Rollers are high maintenance, but I find people make more out that then needs be. We use a modified stand-up trolling rod. Even today, with the guides and materials we have, you are on the other end with that fish – your main line is not the only thing that is dealing with that friction and the stress. Roller guides take it out of the the rod guides and puts it on the drag; and lever drags rule!

XSessive Mike jenkins says:

I just got a penn 9/0 to fish off beach what would u line it with thanks mike

frostedy0 says:

hahah how much does 4000 yds of 100lb braid cost? Has to be over $500..

Logan Kubena says:

Here in my garage got this new shard fishing rod

Oral says:

What kayak do you use to kayaks the baits out?

Leroy Clapper says:

Nice Video! It deserves more views – check out: u2bzone(dot)C O M

Alex Crews says:

hello there Landshark I appreciate all the things you teach me on your.

Gary M says:

Thinking about getting a senator 9/0 for beach shark fishing. Would this be a good choice?

Luis Marcos says:

What equipe shar

Rick B says:

How big of a shark you think you can handle with 40 lbs of mono on a spool of 250 yards

Randy Schott says:

IDK if we’re your from, y’all do this but our beaches don’t have structure so we use all braid with a top shot for about 100 yrds of mono it’s better that using 1 solid type you have the stretch of mono but the capacity and strength of braid

Jeffrey Rose says:

You guys need to contact Rob and Sarah from “Deer meat for dinner” Rob is a boat captain and does alot of Ocean fishing, gator hunting ect. Definitely will help your channel grow. Great video btw. ps They’re from Jupiter Fl.

Ny Jeep Adventurer says:

I did the mono vs braid test with a 6 foot stand up set up is an accurate reel. I used 50lb braid vs 50lb mono. Same rod and same reel. Braid had better drag. Not sure if you’re testing using higher strength mono and that thicker mono will have more stretch, but I found the results to be the opposite of what you’re telling us in this video.

Tacreviews21 says:

Can you do a video about a spinning shark setup for the surf

oliver shiff says:

were do you go shark fishing

ant gfisher says:

awesome channel. how do i set drag on my spinning reel?

paul bonney says:

i like braid with a mono top shot. just replace the stretched mono witch is weaker due to stretch.

Reel Tuff Fishing says:

150lb Dacron is it a great option for the senators. I have Dacron on my 80s and 130s

Chris s says:

Is 80 lb mono enough to catch a moderate shark? Going to the beach in a few weeks with the cheapest gear i could find only for the fact that i dont know what im doing so if a break or lose something it doesnt hurt the bank until im more experienced. I have shark rigs rigged up with 12/0 hooks on i think 250 lb tooth proof and around the same test barrel swivels. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Not looking to catch too big but not wanting to break the bank

Tyler Hodgeman says:

the theory of mono makes sense never thought of it that way will draging it through the the water but for the abrasion resistance you run braid under the mono so the braid doesn’t get every day wear so I can last a whole season. the only problem with mono is every time it stretches it becomes weaker where that’s not the case with braid that’s why personally I run 1000+ yards of braid under 600ish yards of mono. at the end of the day it comes down to putting sharks on the beach doesn’t matter how you get there

Adham Khattab says:

You can try putting griped shrink wrap on the foam you can even put two layers for maximum durability

Vince Rosanelli says:

Hey so I have a 5 1/2 rod and I catch a lot of like 5 foot bull sharks and I would suggest using one

Around the Bend Adventures says:

Love your channel. We make it from TN to Pensacola a couple times a year. Upgrading to a 10’ spinning rod and penn spinfisher 10500 for our casting rig. Want to get a standup rig for paddling baits out. Only do it a couple times a year. Any thoughts on the penn squall 50vsw??

Domingo Hernandez says:

Now if u up grade your drag washer on those reels i think u get more then 25lb of drag

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